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Photo of Miss AU King-chi, Permanent Secretary for Financial Services and the TreasuryWelcome to the Homepage of the Financial Services Branch of the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The policy responsibility of the Financial Services Branch is to maintain and enhance Hong Kong's status as a major international financial centre, ensuring through the provision of an appropriate economic and legal environment, that our markets remain open, fair and efficient. While market regulatory functions are performed by independent statutory regulators, the Financial Services Branch facilitates and co-ordinates initiatives to upgrade overall market quality and to ensure that Hong Kong's regulatory regime meets the needs of modern commerce. 

According to the latest statistics, Hong Kong is the eighth largest banking centre in the world in terms of external transactions, sixth largest stock market in terms of market capitalisation and fifth largest financial centre in terms of foreign exchange turnover. I and my team of staff in the Branch are committed to maintaining and promoting Hong Kong as a major international financial centre.

This Homepage is designed to provide you with an overview of our policy area, our current organization and work in hand.

I hope that you will find our Homepage useful and informative. Your suggestions and comments, especially on the consultation papers that we publish from time to time, are most welcome.



(Miss AU King-chi)
Permanent Secretary for
Financial Services and the Treasury  
(Financial Services)



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