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Press Releases



Date Topic
20-10-2017 Revised capital, liquidity rules and amendment notice under Banking Ordinance gazetted
20-10-2017 Appointments to Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Appeal Board and Process Review Panel in relation to the Regulation of Mandatory Provident Fund Intermediaries
18-10-2017 LCQ22: Promoting equity crowdfunding activities in Hong Kong
18-10-2017 LCQ3: Protecting employees who have lodged complaints about their employers defaulting on Mandatory Provident Fund contributions
LCQ3 Annex
13-10-2017 Gazettal of Banking (Amendment) Bill 2017
11-10-2017 HKSAR Government welcomes issuance of US dollar sovereign bonds by Ministry of Finance in Hong Kong
29-09-2017 Government welcomes Fintech sandboxes by regulators
29-09-2017 Appointment of Chairman of Market Misconduct Tribunal and Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal
25-09-2017 HK and UK signed agreement on FinTech co-operation (with photos)
20-09-2017 SFST promotes HK's FinTech developments in London (with photos)
16-09-2017 SFST to visit London
16-09-2017 News Story Filming Competition Award Presentation Ceremony held under Pilot Programme to Enhance Talent Training for the Insurance Sector (with photos)
15-09-2017 Appointment of Non-Executive Directors of SFC
15-09-2017 Government welcomes consultation conclusions on listing regulatory structure (with photo/video)    video
31-08-2017 Government welcomes reappointment to Board of Financial Dispute Resolution Centre
30-08-2017 Financial Leaders Forum convenes first meeting
29-08-2017 Government welcomes enhancements to Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme
18-08-2017 Appointments to Financial Leaders Forum
18-08-2017 Process Review Panel in relation to Regulation of Mandatory Provident Fund Intermediaries publishes 2017 Annual Report
12-07-2017 LCQ16: Statistics on employees' salaries
LCQ16 Annex 1
LCQ16 Annex 2
12-07-2017 LCQ14: Establishing insurance claims database to assist in combating fraudulent insurance claims
07-07-2017 Resolution regime for financial institutions commences operation
05-07-2017 LCQ16: Measures to facilitate the development of the insurance industry
05-07-2017 LCQ15: Submission of proof of academic qualifications by insurance intermediaries who completed secondary school education on Mainland
LCQ15 Annex A
LCQ15 Annex B
04-07-2017 HKSAR Government welcomes further increase of investment quota for Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) scheme
28-06-2017 LCQ10: Mutual bond market access between Hong Kong and the Mainland
28-06-2017 LCQ2: Regulation of short selling activities
25-06-2017 Insurance Authority to take over statutory functions of Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
23-06-2017 Appointments to Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Arbitration Panel
23-06-2017 Inland Revenue (Amendment) (No. 4) Bill 2017 gazetted
23-06-2017 Gazettal of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) (Amendment) Bill 2017 and Companies (Amendment) Bill 2017
21-06-2017 Government announces subscription and allocation results of Silver Bond
14-06-2017 LCQ22: Statistics on domestic household income and employment earnings of employed persons
LCQ22 Annex1
LCQ22 Annex2
LCQ22 Annex3
LCQ22 Annex4
LCQ22 Annex5
14-06-2017 LCQ15: Life annuity scheme to be launched by Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited
13-06-2017 HKSAR Government welcomes Ministry of Finance's plan to issue sovereign bonds in Hong Kong in 2017
13-06-2017 Hong Kong becomes new member of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
08-06-2017 SFST visits Singapore to foster closer ties (with photos)
07-06-2017 SFST to visit Singapore
07-06-2017 LCQ11: Statistics on employment, wages, payrolls and gross domestic product
LCQ11 Annex
07-06-2017 Gazettal of subsidiary legislation on Insurance Authority's collection of levy on insurance premiums
02-06-2017 Appointments to Working Group on eMPF
01-06-2017 Government launches Silver Bond
31-05-2017 LCQ7: Offshore renminbi business in Hong Kong
29-05-2017 HK university students to visit Shanghai financial institutions on exchange programme (with photos)
26-05-2017 Appointments to Insurance Appeals Tribunal
26-05-2017 Appointment to Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board
23-05-2017 HK, Shanghai hold meeting to enhance financial co-operation (with photos)
22-05-2017 SFST to lead delegation to attend HK-Shanghai Financial Co-operation meeting
19-05-2017 Appointments to SFC Advisory Committee
19-05-2017 Government appoints HKEX Risk Management Committee members
17-05-2017 LCQ12: Safe deposit boxes
17-05-2017 LCQ5: Regulation of online crowdfunding and lending platforms
16-05-2017 HKSAR Government welcomes establishment of Bond Connect
16-05-2017 Equivalence Assessment Framework Agreement on Solvency Regulatory Regime signed by Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and China Insurance Regulatory Commission
12-05-2017 Commencement notice and protected arrangements regulation under Financial Institutions (Resolution) Ordinance gazetted
10-05-2017 LCQ20: Boosting the growth of Hong Kong into a financial technologies hub
10-05-2017 LCQ11: Financial technology development in Hong Kong
LCQ11 Annex
05-05-2017 Appointment of senior executives of Insurance Authority announced
28-04-2017 SFST welcomes annual report of Process Review Panel for Financial Reporting Council
28-04-2017 Process Review Panel for Financial Reporting Council publishes 2016 report
21-04-2017 Appointment of Chief Executive Officer of Securities and Futures Commission
19-04-2017 Acting FS meets Minister of Finance of Switzerland (with photo)
19-04-2017 Insurance Authority to start regulating insurance companies from June 26, 2017
13-04-2017 Appointment of Non-Executive Director of SFC

Government releases consultation conclusions on legislative proposals to enhance anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulation in Hong Kong
12-04-2017 LCQ18: Hong Kong to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
06-04-2017 Release of consultation conclusion on protected arrangements regulation
29-03-2017 LCQ4: Assisting enterprises and individuals in opening bank accounts
29-03-2017 LCQ1: Protecting the rights and interests of policyholders of medical insurance
24-03-2017 Appointments to Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal
24-03-2017 Appointments to Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority and Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Advisory Committee
24-03-2017 Commencement of mandatory electronic filing of disclosure of interests notifications and reports under Securities and Futures Ordinance
24-03-2017 International Organizations (Privileges and Immunities) (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) Order gazetted
23-03-2017 Hong Kong to become new member of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
17-03-2017 Appointments to Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions) Review Tribunal
13-03-2017 Corporate Governance Roundtable promotes good corporate governance (with photo)
10-03-2017 Government appoints directors to HKEX Board
10-03-2017 Appointments to Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
15-02-2017 LCQ21: Staff handbook on handling of insolvency cases
10-02-2017 Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Amendment) Ordinance 2016 to take effect on February 13
08-02-2017 LCQ2: Financial technology development in Hong Kong
27-01-2017 Appointments to Standing Committee on Company Law Reform
16-01-2017 SFST hosts dinner for high-level exchange on financial technologies (with photo)
16-01-2017 Asian Financial Forum highlights Asia's role in driving change, innovation and connectivity (with photos/video)    Video
13-01-2017 Appointments to Deposit Protection Appeals Tribunal
13-01-2017 IMF reaffirms support for Hong Kong's prudent fiscal policy and robust regulatory and supervisory framework    Annex
12-01-2017 Appointments to FSDC and its five committees
11-01-2017 LCQ12: Regulation of issuance of announcements of possible offer by listed companies
LCQ12 Annex
11-01-2017 LCQ7: Implementation of Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme
06-01-2017 Government launches consultations on legislative proposals to enhance regulatory regime for combating money laundering and terrorist financing


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