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Submission of Tenders

Tenders must be (a) clearly marked with the tender reference, the subject of the tender and the tender closing date and time on the outside of the envelope (but should not bear any indication which may relate the tender to the tenderer); (b) addressed to the Chairman of the respective tender board; and (c) deposited in the tender box as specified in the tender notice (“Specified Tender Box”) before the specified tender closing time. Late tenders and tenders not deposited in the Specified Tender Box will not be accepted.

Locations of the various tender boxes:

Government Secretariat Tender Box (for Central Tender Board)

Lobby of the Public Entrance on the Ground Floor,
East Wing, Central Government Offices,
2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar,
Hong Kong.

Government Logistics Department Tender Box

Ground Floor,
North Point Government Offices,
333 Java Road, North Point,
Hong Kong.

Public Works Tender Box

Room 503, 5/F., Low Block,
Queensway Government Offices,
66 Queensway,
Hong Kong.