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Companies Bill

Full Companies Bill

Full Companies Bill (gazetted on 14 January 2011)(PDF format)

or download by part or schedule (PDF format)
Part 1 Preliminary
Part 2 Registrar of Companies and Companies Register
Part 3 Company Formation and Related Matters, and Re-registration of Company
Part 4 Share Capital
Part 5 Transactions in relation to Share Capital
Part 6 Distribution of Profits and Assets
Part 7 Debentures
Part 8 Registration of Charges
Part 9 Accounts and Audit
Part 10 Directors and Company Secretaries
Part 11 Fair Dealing by Directors
Part 12 Company Administration and Procedure
Part 13 Arrangements, Amalgamation, and Compulsory Share Acquisition in Takeover and Share Buy-Back
Part 14 Remedies for Protection of Companies’ or Members’ Interests
Part 15 Dissolution by Striking off or Deregistration
Part 16 Non-Hong Kong Companies
Part 17 Companies not Formed, but Registrable, under this Ordinance
Part 18 Communications to and by Companies
Part 19 Investigations and Enquiries 
Part 20 Miscellaneous
Part 21 Consequential Amendments, and Transitional and Saving Provisions

Schedule 1 Parent Undertakings and Subsidiary Undertakings
Schedule 2 Content of Incorporation Form
Schedule 3 Specified Qualifying Conditions for Sections 359 to 362
Schedule 4 Accounting Disclosures
Schedule 5 Contents of Directors' Report: Business Review
Schedule 6 Information to be Contained in Annual Return and Documents by which Annual Return must be Accompanied
Schedule 7 Offences in respect of which Proceedings not Instituted under Certain Conditions
Schedule 8 Amendments relating to Paperless Holding and Transfer of Shares and Debentures
Schedule 9 Consequential Amendments
Schedule 10 Transitional and Saving Provisions

Explanatory Memorandum

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