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Asset and Wealth Management

Topic Introduction

The asset and wealth management business of Hong Kong amounted to over $30.5 trillion (US$3.9 trillion) as at end-2022, with 64% of the funding sourced from non-Hong Kong investors. Hong Kong is also Asia’s largest hedge fund hub and cross-border wealth management centre.

We strive to sharpen Hong Kong’s competitiveness as the premier asset and wealth management centre in the region through a multi-pronged approach.

Our Ongoing Work

Promoting family office business – The Government issued a policy statement on developing family offices businesses in Hong Kong in March 2023 to set out the Government’s policy stance and measures with a view to creating a conducive and competitive environment for the businesses of global family offices and asset owners to thrive in Hong Kong. The profits tax exemption arrangement for family‑owned investment holding vehicles managed by single family offices in Hong Kong is applicable for any years of assessment commencing on or after 1 April 2022. The Government will also allocate $100 million to Invest Hong Kong over the next three years for attracting more family offices to Hong Kong.

Diversified fund structures – The Government has introduced the open-ended fund company (“OFC”) regime in Hong Kong in July 2018, and the limited partnership fund (“LPF”) regime in August 2020. The new options in addition to the unit trust structure make Hong Kong a more attractive fund domiciliation location and promote fund origination. The Government has also put in place a fund re-domiciliation mechanism since November 2021 for non-Hong Kong funds set up in the form of OFCs or LPFs to re-locate to Hong Kong.

A more facilitating tax environment – Publicly offered funds (onshore and offshore) and transactions in specified assets of privately offered funds enjoy profits tax exemption in Hong Kong. Furthermore, tax concession is provided for carried interest issued by private equity funds operating in Hong Kong starting from 2020/21 year of assessment.

Expanding the fund distribution network – Hong Kong has reached mutual recognition of funds (“MRF”) arrangements with the Mainland, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Thailand, allowing eligible funds to be offered directly to retail investors in each other’s market under streamlined authorization or approval procedures.

Promoting the Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) market – The Government has relaxed certain investment restrictions, broadened the investor base, introduced regulatory enhancements, and provided financial incentives to promote the development of the REIT market.

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