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Fundraising Platform

Topic Introduction

We develop Hong Kong as an international premier listing platform through a multi-pronged approach, with focus on embracing the new economy; improving market quality; strengthening mutual market access with the Mainland and going international.

Our Ongoing Work

Developing Hong Kong into a broader and deeper fundraising platform

Hong Kong has a highly open and internationalised market, a regulatory regime aligned with major overseas markets, the rule of law, a rich pool of professional talents and robust infrastructure support, and the free flow of information and capital. All these allow Hong Kong to be a place to carry out global operations and an attractive platform for listing.

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong has ranked first for seven years in terms of Initial Public Offering (IPO) funds raised in the past 13 years. In 2021, Hong Kong raised a total of $331.3 billion of funds through IPOs, continuing to be one of the leading fund raising hubs around the globe. The average daily turnover in 2021 was $166.7 billion, representing an increase of 29% when compared with $129.5 billion in 2020.)

While we remain a very popular fundraising venue for different enterprises, we continue to strive to develop Hong Kong into a deeper and broader fundraising platform. Since April 2018, we have implemented a new listing regime to facilitate the listing of companies from the emerging and innovative sector, including (i) pre-revenue / pre-profit biotechnology companies; (ii) companies with weighted voting rights structures; and (iii) qualifying companies seeking a secondary listing in Hong Kong. Since January 2022, we have further launched two reforms to the listing regime, including the introduction of a new listing route for Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) and enhancements to the regime for listing of overseas issuers, strengthening the competitiveness of Hong Kong as a premier listing platform.

For More Information

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  1. The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong: