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Consultation Conclusions on Proposals to Enhance the Regulation of Listing - List of Submissions

Consultation Conclusions on Proposals to Enhance the Regulation of Listing

List of Submissions

  1. Anglo Chinese Corporate Finance Limited

  2. CLP Holdings

  3. Consumer Council

  4. E2-Capital (Holdings) Limited

  5. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

  6. Hong Kong Federation of Women Lawyers

  7. Hong Kong Society of Accountants

  8. Hong Kong Stockbrokers Association

  9. HSBC

  10. HSBC Broking Securities (Asia) Limited

  11. Law Society of Hong Kong

  12. Linklaters on behalf of ten financial institutions 1

  13. Melco International Development Limited

  14. Members of Hong Kong Investment Funds Association 2

  15. Mr. David M Webb 3

  16. Mr. JE Strickland

  17. Mr. Low Chee Keong

  18. Mr. So Wai Man, Raymond

  19. Securities and Futures Commission

  20. State Street Global Advisors

  21. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

  22. The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

  23. The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies

  24. The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

  25. The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (Chinese version only)

  26. The DTC Association (The Hong Kong Association of Restricted Licence Banks and Deposit-taking Companies)

  27. The HK Association of Online Brokers

  28. The Hong Kong Association of Banks

  29. The Hong Kong Institute of Company Secretaries

  30. The Hong Kong Institute of Directors

  31. The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts Limited

  32. The Institute of Securities Dealers

  33. Value Convergence Holdings Limited

  34. VC CEF Brokerage Limited

  35. VC CEF Capital Limited

Plus 13 individuals/corporations who have requested their names not to be disclosed.


We are confirming with respondents their consent for the publication of their submissions at this web page by the Financial Services Branch. More submissions may be uploaded once the confirmation is at hand.

1 The financial institutions are ?nbsp;
(a) ABN AMRO Asia Limited
(b) Citigroup Global Markets Asia Limited
(c) Credit Suisse First Boston (Hong Kong) Limited
(d) Deutsche Securities Asia Limited
(e) ING Bank N.V.
(f) J.P. Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Limited
(g) Merrill Lynch (Asia Pacific) Limited
(h) Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Asia Limited
(i) Nomura Securities (Hong Kong) Limited
One financial institution has requested not to disclose its name.

2 The Association itself does not offer comments.

3 Further to the written submission of Mr Webb, we have received 52 e-mails indicating support for his submission, five of which have requested to remain anonymous. The remaining are, as far as we can trace, Agnes To, Andrew Cheng, Andy Chan, Au Ka Kau, Breen Paul Alexander, C C Tam, Chris Kwan, Christian Murck, Connie Tong, David Gunson, David Plumb, Fredy Y F Wan, G W H Cautherley, Grant Keats, Jackson Lam, Jason Wong, Jane Wong, Jimmy, John Hetherington, Karen Wong, Keith Ling, Kenneth Hung, Kevin S H Wong, Kho, Larry Baum, Lee Chung, Lok Hau Cheong, Luk Kwok Hung, Mark Hunter, Martin Chipp, Martin Lahm, Ng Shung Lung, Nicholas Sibley, Patrick Ma, Paul Tsang, Paul Zimmerman, Peter Lai, Robet Herries, Rupert Weng, Sara Shih, Simon Lai, Victor Tse, Vincent, Walton Cheung, William Young, Wong Wai Kwok and Yu Lee Ming Michael. We have also received one e-mail indicating that it does not support Mr Webb submission and has requested to remain anonymous.

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