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Publications and Press Releases


Press Releases



Date Topic
11-04-2018 LCQ2: Increasing HK's competitiveness for listings of companies from emerging and innovative sectors
11-04-2018 HKSAR Government welcomes increases in Stock Connect daily quotas
11-04-2018 LCQ19: Upgrading of computer systems and application of biometric authentication technology by banks
06-04-2018 Gazettal of Companies (Amendment) Bill 2018
29-03-2018 Appointments to Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Review Tribunal
29-03-2018 International Organizations (Privileges and Immunities)  (New Development Bank) Order gazetted
28-03-2018 LCQ2: Permitting the listing of companies with weighted voting right structures in Hong Kong
23-03-2018 Appointment to Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal
23-03-2018 Appointments to Resolvability Review Tribunal and Resolution Compensation Tribunal
02-03-2018 Re-appointment of Executive Director of SFC
01-03-2018 New initiatives to combat money laundering and terrorist financing take effect
28-02-2018 LCQ21: Realisation of concept of financial inclusion
28-02-2018 LCQ19: Development of an Islamic financial market in Hong Kong
23-02-2018 Subsidiary legislation to adjust scope of products regulated under over-the-counter derivatives regulatory regime in Hong Kong gazetted
15-02-2018 Standing Committee on Company Law Reform publishes annual report
12-02-2018 Government appoints directors to HKEX Board
09-02-2018 Financial Leaders Forum convenes third meeting
07-02-2018 LCQ22: Support for start-up enterprises
07-02-2018 LCQ14: Life annuity scheme to be launched by Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited
03-02-2018 Career Fair 2018 under Pilot Programme to Enhance Talent Training for Asset and Wealth Management Sector held today (with photos)
02-02-2018 Gazettal of Banking (Amendment) Ordinance 2018
02-02-2018 Gazettal of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 and Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2018
31-01-2018 LCQ12: Combating malpractices of financial intermediaries and regulating the trade
31-01-2018 LCQ10: Electronic payment services
30-01-2018 Appointments to Standing Committee on Company Law Reform
29-01-2018 Public education campaign on risks associated with initial coin offerings and "cryptocurrencies" jointly launched by FSTB and Investor Education Centre (with photo)
24-01-2018 LCQ20: Reproduction of Hong Kong currency notes
23-01-2018 IMF reaffirms support for Hong Kong's strong policy frameworks and ample buffers
19-01-2018 Financial Reporting Council (Amendment) Bill 2018 gazetted
17-01-2018 SFST to visit Switzerland
17-01-2018 Appointments to Financial Services Development Council   Annex
17-01-2018 LCQ5: Compliance with laws and regulations of different jurisdictions by Hong Kong accounting firms
15-01-2018 Asian Financial Forum explores innovation as economic growth accelerator (with photos/videos)
CE attends opening ceremony of 11th Asian Financial Forum
SFST attends Asian Financial Forum Plenary Session I
SFST attends Asian Financial Forum Plenary Session II
12-01-2018 Appointment to SFC Advisory Committee
12-01-2018 Government welcomes appointments to Board of Financial Dispute Resolution Centre
10-01-2018 LCQ5: Faster Payment System
03-01-2018 Government welcomes HKQAA's Green Finance Certification Scheme


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