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Publications and Press Releases

Press Releases - 1999

Press Releases



Date Topic
15-12-1999 Bill to strengthen regulation of short selling
15-12-1999 LCQ16: Insurance Claims Complaint Board
30-11-1999 IMF endorses Hong Kong SAR's policy on economic recovery
17-11-1999 LCQ20: Searching of debtors' personal data
14-11-1999 Emergency response mechanism for the financial services sector validated in mock Y2K rollover exercise
05-11-1999 Appointment of Non-Executive Director of SFC
04-11-1999 Exchanges and Clearing Houses (Merger) Bill to be introduced
27-10-1999 Hong Kong to be International Financial Centre in the New Millenium
27-10-1999 LCQ1: Reports submitted by auditors
13-10-1999 LC: Adaptation of Laws (No.9) Bill 1998
18-11-1999 New appointments to HKEC Board
16-10-1999 Appointment of Securities and Futures Appeals Panel
13-10-1999 LCQ13: Electronic order matching system
11-10-1999 New Advisory Committee on human resources recommended
11-10-1999 Financial market reform in good progress
27-09-1999 Legco discussion on securities bill continues
23-09-1999 LegCo to discuss securities bill
15-09-1999 Legco to discuss enhancing SFC powers
09-09-1999 Legislative market reform pressing ahead
06-08-1999 Release of the Tomson Pacific Limited / World Trade Centre Group Limited Report
30-07-1999 Acting FS welcomes merger agreement
30-07-1999 HKEC welcomes conclusion of merger deal
30-07-1999 Successful Conclusion of Negotiation of Merger of Exchanges
27-07-999 Responses to LRC's recommendations on winding-up provisions
27-07-1999 Re-appointment of SFC Executive Director
16-07-1999 Exchanges urged to reach agreement on valuations

LC: Insurance Companies (Amendment) Bill 1999

14-07-1999 LCQ13: Auditors' reports of listed companies
08-07-1999 Statement by HKEC Board Chairman
08-07-1999 Business model and public policy framework for new company under merger
08-07-1999 Acting Financial Secretary's transcript
07-07-1999 Adaptation of Laws Bill to be introduced into the LegCo

LCQ15: Securities trading on Internet

LC: Banking (Amendment) Bill 1999

05-07-1999 Legislative Reform for the Securities and Futures Markets
30-06-1999 Comprehensive framework for NewCo
30-06-1999 LCQ13: Protection of minority shareholders' interests
30-06-1999 LCQ4: Credit card for young persons
23-06-1999 LCQ9: Loan to Thailand

LC: Adaptation of Laws ( No. 7 ) Bill 1999

LC: Companies (Amendment) Bill 1999

LC: Amendments to Companies (Amendment) Bill 1999

LC: Companies (Amendment) Bill's schedule amendment

16-06-1999 Business Structure of NewCo considered

LC: Promoting Financial Services

LC: Occupational Retirement Schemes (Amendment) Bill 1999

14-06-1999 Business Structure of NewCo considered
09-06-1999 LCQ16: Protection of Investors Ordinance
02-06-1999 Eligibility of ORSO schemes for exemption to be clarified
02-06-1999 LCQ17: SFC's Code of Conduct

LC: Adaptation of Laws (No.10) Bill 1998

31-05-1999 Moving Forward on Market Structure Reform
27-05-1999 Global co-operation needed to plug information gap
26-05-1999 LCQ5: Takeovers and Mergers Code

LC: Banking (Amendment) Bill 1999

26-05-1999 LCQ15: Powers of the Monetary Authority
26-05-1999 LCQ14: Investigatory powers of SFC
19-05-1999 LCQ3:Disclosure by Peregrine's provisional liquidator
19-05-1999 LCQ12:Disclosure of interest by listed companies' directors
28-04-1999 LCQ14: Review mechanism on SFC investigating process

LC: Insurance Companies (Amendment) Bill 1999

22-04-1999 Inspector appointed to investigate Peregrine case
31-03-1999 Application to Court for appointment of inspector
24-03-1999 Appointment of SFC Executive Directors
24-03-1999 LCQ20: Audit of the accounts of listed companies
17-03-1999 Bill to regulate securities margin financing businesses
10-03-1999 LCQ15 : SHEK's membership application vetting mechanism
10-03-1999 LCQ3 : Bad/doubtful debts ratios
05-03-1999 Appointment of inspector to investigate Peregrine case
04-03-1999 Market Reform a must

Transcript of SFS' press conference

22-02-1999 Appointments to Securities and Futures Appeals Panel
10-02-1999 LCQ9: China-affiliated listed companies
03-02-1999 LCQ8: Statistics on disabled population
27-01-1999 LQ17: Securities trading on internet
20-01-1999 LQ10: Local consumer prices

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