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Publications and Press Releases

Press Releases - 2000

Press Releases



Date Topic
20-12-2000 LCQ7: Consultation on removal of minimum commission
20-12-2000 LCQ3: Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme
14-11-2000 IMF Mission upbeat about Hong Kong economic performance
Acting FS' stand-up briefing on IMF Staff Mission's Concluding Statement for Article IV Consultation on Hong Kong
10-11-2000 Securities and Futures Bill
09-11-2000 Process Review Panel for the Securities and Futures Commission
01-11-2000 LCQ2: Mandatory Provident Fund
18-10-2000 LCQ14: Mandatory Provident Fund System
18-10-2000 LCQ2: Protecting the interests of credit card holders
26-06-2000 LCQ 16: Dropped value residential flats
26-06-2000 LCQ 15: Electronic payment services
22-06-2000 LC: Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (General) (Amendment) Regulation 2000

LC: Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance(Amendment of Schedule 1) Notice

LC: Motion on the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Rules

21-06-2000 Official Receiver responds to PAC report
20-06-2000 IDT concluded Hanny case hearings
16-06-2000 SCCLR Report to be implemented in four phases
14-06-2000 LCQ8: Performance of general insurance industry
14-06-2000 LCQ1: Brokerage-free internet securities trading
05-06-2000 Pilot Programme Market Makers exempted from transaction levy
31-05-2000 LCQ17: Transfer from Exchange Fund governed by Ordinance
24-05-2000 LCQ10: Exchange Fund's holdings of Euro below weighting

LC: Insurance Companies (Amendment) Bill 2000

17-05-2000 Govt welcomes decision to remove minimum brokerage commission rule
17-05-2000 LCQ12: Certified public accountants engaged by SFC
10-05-2000 LCQ20: Regulatory framework in place for intermediaries
10-05-2000 LCQ16: Guidelines on licensing of Internet banks
10-05-2000 LCQ15: No. of MPF exemption applications
08-05-2000 Insider Dealing Tribunal to assess penalties and costs in Hanny case
03-05-2000 LCQ16: MPFA receives over 26,000 enquiries

Amendment Order to reduce transaction levy on stock trading

19-04-2000 Amendment Order to reduce transaction levy on stock trading
17-04-2000 IMD report fails to reflect HK's economic rebound
14-04-2000 New fees scale for securities margin financiers
13-04-2000 Insider Dealing Tribunal submitted report on Hanny Holdings Ltd
12-04-2000 Acting Chief Executive Approves the Chairmanship of HKEx
12-04-2000 LCQ1: Dual functions of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd
02-04-2000 Consultation on the Securities and Futures Bill
15-03-2000 LCQ18: Processing of listing applications on GEM

LC: Motion Debate on "Details of Promoting Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme"

15-03-2000 LCQ16: IPO costs of GEM listings 


15-03-2000 LCQ13: Loans from the Exchange Fund through IMF
15-03-2000 LCQ6: Proactive investor education continuing
15-03-2000 LCQ1: Reverse mortgage schemes
08-03-2000 LCQ13: Applications for listing on GEM market
08-03-2000 LCQ9: Exchange Fund assets
06-03-2000 IMF Revises Upward Its Economic Forecast for Hong Kong.
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   IMF's Public Information Notice
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02-03-2000 Bill to criminalise provision of false information
01-03-2000 LCQ20: Insurance Claims Complaints Bureau
26-01-2000 LCQ15: Computer system of HK Futures Exchange

LC: Insurance Companies (Amendment) Bill 2000

19-01-2000 LCQ13: Remittance business
19-01-2000 LCQ8: MPFA staff recruitment exercise

LC: Companies (Amendment) Bill 2000

12-01-2000 LCQ11: Investigation into collapse of Peregrine Companies
06-01-2000 Bill on corporate rescue to be gazetted

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