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Publications and Press Releases

Press Releases - 2001

Press Releases



Date Topic
21-12-2001 Publication of a Report on Oxford Properties & Finance Limited
29-11-2001 Appointment of Chairman to the Insider Dealing Tribunal
22-11-2001 Regulation on detailed arrangements for summary financial reports
21-11-2001 LCQ13: Securities dealer licence
14-11-2001 LCQ3: Removal of minimum brokerage commission

LCQ20: Remuneration of MPFA staff

09-11-2001 Appointment of Non-Executive Directors of SFC

Insider Dealing Tribunal Report on Indesen Industries Co. Ltd

07-11-2001 LCQ4: Residential mortgage loans in negative equity

LCQ19: Linked Exchange Rate

31-10-2001 LC: CSA to the Companies (Amendment) Bill 2001
12-10-2001 Appointments to the Securities and Futures Appeals Panel
28-09-2001 Re-appointment of SFC Chairman

Reduced levy for stock futures contracts

21-09-2001 Amendment of the Schedule to the Legal Tender Notes Issue Ordinance

Appointment and re-appointment of the MPF Schemes Advisory Committee

20-09-2001 Government response to Japan Credit Rating Agency's Announcement
12-09-2001 Concerted efforts to tackle consumer debt and bankruptcy
31-08-2001 Appointment of SFC Executive Directors
28-08-2001 Lay Members Appointed to Insider Dealing Tribunal
24-08-2001 Re-appointments of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
20-07-2001 SCCLR: Consultation on Corporate Governance Review phase I proposals
12-07-2001 LC: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (Merger) Bill
11-07-2001 LCQ17: Foreign exchange reserves
05-07-2001 Appointment of SFC Executive Director
27-06-2001 LCQ10: Banks' loans to SMEs

LCQ1: Passing rate of Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination

20-06-2001 LCQ17: Institutional arrangements for OCI 

LCQ6: Operations of HKMA

LCQ2: Domestic employees exempted from the MPFSO

13-06-2001 LCQ14: Foreign reserves

LC: Reviewing the Mandatory Provident Fund System

06-06-2001 LCQ9: Organisational review of MPFA

LC: Companies (Amendment) Bill 2001


LCQ7: Quarterly reporting

23-05-2001 LC: Companies (Corporate Rescue) Bill

LC: Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (Amendment) Bill 2001

24-05-2001 Bill allows issue of summary financial reports by listed companies
02-05-2001 LCQ11: Cross-boundary travel survey


LC: Banking (Amendment) Bill 2001


LCQ16: Completion of share application forms
26-03-2001 Publication of the Peregrine Report
14-03-2001 LCQ4: Population Census
07-03-2001 LCQ12: Role of HK Association of Banks
07-03-2001 LCQ19: SFC enquiries on share prices movement
03-03-2001 IMF commends Hong Kong's economic performance and fiscal policies and IMF's Public Information Notice

Staff Report (pdf format)

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LCQ16: Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme

16-02-2001 Hong Kong welcomes positive rating outlook by Moody's
16-02-2001 Human Resources Committee appeals for more international exchanges for undergraduates
16-02-2001 Moves to enhance corporate governance in place and in progress
07-02-2001 LCQ1: Regulation of disclosure of information
17-01-2001 LCQ19: Medical insurance-related complaints

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