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Press Releases - 2003

Press Releases



Date Topic
23-12-2003 IMF forecasts growth of more than 4% for 2004

Acting FS's transcript

12-12-2003 Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2003 to improve corporate governance and make company law more business-friendly

Standing Committee on Company Law Reform publishes 2002/03 Annual Report

10-12-2003 LC: Bankruptcy (Amendment) Bill 2003

LC: Clearing and Settlement Systems Bill

26-11-2003 Bankruptcy (Amendment) Bill 2003 to be introduced into Legislative Council
22-11-2003 Hong Kong securities sector benefits from CEPA
21-11-2003 SFST welcomes SFC announcement on CEPA implementation in the securities sector
20-11-2003 Hong Kong market - premiere choice for Mainland enterprises seeking "Q" mark
18-11-2003 Consultation conclusions on proposal to empower SFC to initiate derivative action
14-11-2003 Government appoints Henry Fan to HKEx Board

Appointment of Non-Executive Directors of the Securities and Futures Commission

Appointment to Process Review Panel for the Securities and Futures Commission

12-11-2003 LCQ4: Development of bond market in Hong Kong
07-11-2003 Corporate misgovernance causes epidemic of damage to economy
16-10-2003 HK Govt Welcomes Moody's Decision to Upgrade HK's Long-term Foreign Currency Credit Rating
15-10-2003 LCQ6: HKMA's supervision of banks in Hong Kong

LCQ12: e-Banking Security

08-10-2003 LCQ19: Residential mortgage loans

LCQ20: Intermediary qualifying examinations

03-10-2003 Consultation starts to seek views on proposals to enhance regulation of listing
26-09-2003 Appointment of the Chairman of the Securities and Futures Commission

Reappointment of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Advisory Committee

19-09-2003 Consultation Paper on proposals to enhance oversight of auditors and quality of financial reporting
16-09-2003 Appointments/Reappointments of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority 
05-09-2003 SFST's remarks (English translation)
04-09-2003 SFST Addresses APEC on Regional Bond Market Development
13-08-2003 Acting FS' transcript
04-08-2003 SFST Leads Delegation to visit Pearl River Delta Region
30-07-2003 ACCA Calls on SFST

Appointment of Non-Executive Director of the Securities and Futures Commission

28-07-2003 SFST to lead delegation to PRD to promote securities market development
19-07-2003 SFST's transcript
18-07-2003 SFST concludes promotional visit to Europe
17-07-2003 SFST Keeps Bankers in Frankfurt abreast of Latest Developments in HK
16-07-2003 SFST continues visit programme in Europe
15-07-2003 SFST on European Visit to Promote Hong Kong
09-07-2003 LCQ14: Expert Group to Review the Operation of the Securities and Futures Market Regulatory Structure

LCQ18: The closure of bank branches

27-06-2003 IMF endorses resilience and soundness of HKSAR's financial system

Concerted efforts required to enhance corporate governance

IMF endorses resilience and soundness of HKSAR's financial system

SFST's transcript

25-06-2003 LCQ3: Review and approval of directors or chief executives of authorized institutions

LC: Second Reading of Companies (Amendment) Bill 2003

24-06-2003 SFST urges professionals to seek good governance and uphold professional
18-06-2003 LCQ17: Complaints relating to e-banking
13-06-2003 SFST's remarks at LegCo FA Panel meeting
12-06-2003 Bill to improve prospectus regime, enhance corporate governance and modernise registration regime for oversea companies
11-06-2003 Issue of Corporate Governance Review Phase II Consultation Paper by The Standing Committee on Company Law Reform

LCQ19: Mainland enterprises listed in Hong Kong

30-05-2003 Appointment of Securities and Futures Commission Advisory Committee Members

IMF latest Staff Report on Hong Kong welcomed

23-05-2003 Appointment of the Securities and Futures Commission Executive Director and Non-Executive Director
21-05-2003 LCQ11: Banks must comply with Code of Banking Practice
20-05-2003 Government encourages bond issuance by statutory bodies and government-owned corporations
14-05-2003 LCQ12: Process Review Panel of SFC

LCQ14: Strategy for implementing straight through processing of securities transactions and scripless securities market

13-05-2003 Process Review Panel for the Securities and Futures Commission Publishes Second Annual Report

The Financial Secretary Welcomes the Publication of the Second Annual Report of the Process Review Panel for the Securities and Futures Commission

10-05-2003 LCQ20: Regulatory framework in place for intermediaries
24-04-2003 Government Response to Fitch Ratings announcement
22-04-2003 The Chief Executive Approves the Chairmanship of HKEx
16-04-2003 Report of the Working Group on the Business Environment of the Stockbroking Industry
15-04-2003 Members Appointed to Insider Dealing Tribunal

The Government Appoints 6 Directors to the Board of HKEx

10-04-2003 Consultation on the regulation of listing matters
09-04-2003 LC: Bank of East Asia Limited (Merger of Subsidiaries) Bill
01-04-2003 Appointment to MMT and SFAT
31-03-2003 SFST welcomes commencement of Securities and Futures Ordinance
28-03-2003 SFST kicks off briefings for financial sector on Capital Investment Entrants Scheme
19-03-2003 LC: Dao Heng Bank Limited (Merger) Bill
12-03-2003 SFST's transcript
10-03-2003 Proposals to Facilitate the Offers of Shares and Debentures
05-03-2003 LCQ4: Securities brokers

LCQ20: Transparency of charges on securities-related services

03-03-2003 Appointment to the Leveraged Foreign Exchange Arbitration Panel
28-02-2003 IDT makes order on Stime Watch International Holding Limited case
27-02-2003 Appointment of SFC Executive Director
26-02-2003 LCQ1: Regulatory requirements in respect of disclosure of listed companies

LCQ14: Regulating securities market intermediaries

25-02-2003 IMF Mission forecasts a faster growth for Hong Kong in 2003 
19-02-2003 LC: The Bills of Exchange (Amendment) Bill 2003
12-02-2003 LCQ9: Enhance regulation of the accounting profession
11-02-2003 Appointment to the Securities and Futures Appeals Panel
23-01-2003 Employees Compensation Insurer Insolvency Scheme
22-01-2003 LCQ6: Motor vehicles third party risks insurance

LCQ11: Local and non-local staff of the SFC

17-01-2003 Statutory notices gazetted to commence the SFO on April 1
15-01-2003 LCQ10: Investigations conducted on intermediaries by SFC

LCQ15: Outsourcing winding-up cases

SFST's transcript

06-01-2003 SFST's transcript

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