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Publications and Press Releases

Press Releases - 2004

Press Releases



Date Topic
17-12-2004 Funding for contribution to ADF approved by LegCo
15-12-2004 Appointments to the Council of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

LCQ7: Cold-calling cases relating to commodities futures (Annex)

LCQ11: Commercial Credit Reference Agency

10-12-2004 The Standing Committee on Company Law Reform (SCCLR) has published its 20th Annual Report covering the year 2003/04
09-12-2004 HK to sharpen edge as international asset management centre
08-12-2004 LCQ5: Provisional Measures for Management of Transfer, Sales and Payment of Foreign Exchange Relating to Personal Assets
03-12-2004 Forum on HK as an international asset management centre
30-11-2004 Transcript of a media stand-up session by the SFST's , before attending the Annual Dinner cum Presentation of Directors of the Year Awards 2004 of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors
26-11-2004 HK best investment platform for the Mainland
25-11-2004 A 120-strong Hong Kong delegation led by the SFST's arrived in Beijing to join their Mainland counterparts in the Forum on Management of Insurance Funds organised by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau
24-11-2004 LCQ15: Price-sensitive or misleading remarks by directors of listed companies
23-11-2004 SFST's will lead a 120-strong delegation to Beijing for a forum on management of insurance funds
16-11-2004 IMF supports Government efforts to ensure credible and lasting fiscal consolidation
03-11-2004 LCQ2: Stolen ATM cards and encashment of HKJC's cash vouchers
21-10-2004 Appointment of Executive Directors of the Securities and Futures Commission
08-10-2004 New provisions to improve prospectus regime to start in December
06-10-2004 Companies (Amendment) Bill 2004

Bankruptcy (Amendment) Bill 2004

28-09-2004 SFST continues his first official visit to Japan
27-09-2004 SFST highlights HK's unique position as gateway to the Mainland market
25-09-2004 SFST to visit Japan
30-08-2004 SFST to attend APEC finance ministers meeting in Chile
14-08-2004 Transcript of the media stand-up session by the SFST's, Mr Frederick Ma, after attending a radio programme
29-07-2004 Appointment of Non-Executive Director of the Securities and Futures Commission
07-07-2004 LCQ15: Checks and balances on SFC's powers

SFST's transcript on Retail Bond Offering

30-06-2004 Appointment of Member to the Risk Management Committee of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Appointment of Securities and Futures Commission Advisory Committee Members

LCQ11: Investor Compensation Fund

LCQ3: Roles and functions of independent non-executive directors

16-06-2004 LCQ2: Complaints about insurance claims
10-06-2004 Appointment of MPFA Managing Director
09-06-2004 FS transcript on a meet-the-media session at a hotel in Shenyang
28-05-2004 SFST urges Asian economies to join hands in developing regional bond market

Legal Tender Notes Issue Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule) Notice 2004

27-05-2004 SFST continues SE Asian visit
25-05-2004 SFST starts his first SE Asian visit
24-05-2004 SFST visits Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia
19-05-2004 LCQ8: Operation of Process Review Panel of SFC
18-05-2004 Appointment of MPFA non-executive director
14-05-2004 Process Review Panel for SFC publishes Third Annual Report

FS welcomes publication of annual report of Process Review Panel for SFC

10-05-2004 SFST's transcript on listing of securitisation bonds
06-05-2004 Companies Ordinance (Amendment of Eighth Schedule) Order 2004 to be gazetted
05-05-2004 LCQ7: Statistics on employed persons who worked 60 hours or above
30-04-2004 Media stand-up session by the SFST's
21-04-2004 LCQ16: Application for subordinated loans or loan facilities from licensed (Annex)
03-04-2004 Chief Executive approves chairmanship of HKEx
31-03-2004 Government reappoints 3 directors to Board of HKEx
26-03-2004 Government Announces Measures to Enhance the Regulation of Listing
24-03-2004 LCQ11: Press releases on enforcement actions by Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Office of the Commissioner of Insurance 
17-03-2004 LCQ12: Enforcement actions by SFC  * (Annex)

LCQ18: Regulation of intermediaries and their representatives

LCQ20: Press releases on enforcement actions by SFC * (Annex A) (Annex B)

25-02-2004 LCQ13: Use of "UnionPay Card" in Hong Kong

LCQ16: Designs of banknotes

14-02-2004 Secretary for Financial Services and Treasury to visit Beijing
11-02-2004 LCQ17
04-02-2004 LCQ12: IPO process of China Life Insurance Company Limited
20-01-2004 Standing Committee on Company Law Reform: Appointment and re-appointments announced

SCCLR issues final recommendations from Corporate Governance Review Phase II 

19-01-2004 Appointment to Risk Management Committee of HKEx
14-01-2004 Consultation on Exemption of Offshore Funds from Profits Tax
10-01-2004 SFST's transcript of a stand-up media session

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