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Publications and Press Releases

Press Releases - 2005

Press Releases

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Date Topic
15-12-2005 Transcript of a media stand-up session by the SFST's at a signature campaign in Central
29-11-2005 Appointment of Lay Members to HKICPA Council
11-11-2005 Re-appointment of Non-Executive Directors of the SFC
09-11-2005 LCQ2: Number of branches maintained by note-issuing banks

Securities and Futures Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 5) Notice 2005

08-11-2005 IMF in strong support of Hong Kong's fiscal and exchange rate policies (Annex)
28-10-2005 Commencement of the Securities and Futures (Investor Compensation-Levy) (Amendment) Rules 2005
27-10-2005 National Law on Immunity of Property of Foreign Central Banks to be applied in Hong Kong
24-10-2005 LCQ6: Regulating the listing of Mainland enterprises in Hong Kong
19-10-2005 LCQ11: Issuance and trading of derivative warrants

LCQ14: Employers defaulting on MPF contributions

17-10-2005 FS welcomes report on SFC's annual review of Exchange's performance
13-10-2005 Acting Financial Secretary, Mr Frederick Ma, at the Joint Opening Ceremony of Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and electronicAsia 2005
30-09-2005 Appointment of Chairman of the Securities and Futures Commission

Financial services delegation completes trip to Fujian

29-09-2005 Fruitful exchange in Fuzhou for Hong Kong Financial Services Delegation
06-07-2005 LCQ13: Working hours of employed persons (Annex)
30-06-2005 Process Review Panel for the Securities and Futures Commission publishes Fourth Annual Report (Executive Summary)

FS welcomes publication of annual report of Process Review Panel for the Securities and Futures Commission

29-06-2005 Appointment of HKEx Risk Management Committee members

Securities and Futures (Investor Compensation - Levy) (Amendment) Rules 2005 

LCQ2: Automatic discharge from bankruptcy

LCQ9: Severance payments and long service payments paid from accrued

22-06-2005 LCQ9: Information on premium income from EC insurance
17-06-2005 SFST's continues Korea visit programme
16-06-2005 SFST's starts his first official visit to Korea
15-06-2005 Bill seeks to establish Financial Reporting Council
03-06-2005 HK's formula for developing public confidence in exchanges
31-05-2005 Appointment of Chairman of Advisory Committee on Human Resources Development in the Financial Services Sector
30-05-2005 Appointment of Executive Director of Securities and Futures Commission

Appointment of Securities and Futures Commission Advisory Committee Members

28-05-2005 Transcript of remarks made by the SFST's when he attended the friendly football match with members of the Legislative Council at Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground
23-05-2005 Re-appointment of Non-Executive Director of the Securities and Futures Commission
18-05-2005 LCQ7: Withdrawal of MPF
13-05-2005 Commencement of new legislation to enhance shareholder remedies
04-05-2005 LCQ2: Professional liability system of the accountancy profession

LCQ3: Voluntary contributions to MPFS

30-04-2005 Recruitment of SFC Chairman
12-04-2005 The Government Appoints Directors to the Board of HKEx
06-04-2005 LC: Banking (Amendment) Bill 2005
30-03-2005 Peter Wong appointed to HKEx Risk Management Committee
29-03-2005 Appointment and re-appointment of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Advisory Committee
16-03-2005 LCQ18: Professional indemnity insurance

Appointment and Re-appointment of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority

09-03-2005 Securities and Futures (Amendment) Bill 2005
02-03-2005 LCQ14: The failure of the central processing unit of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
28-02-2005 Public Views Invited on Legislative Proposals to Establish Financial Reporting Council
25-02-2005 Appointment of Executive Director of the Securities and Futures Commission
23-02-2005 LCQ10: Consumer credit data
22-02-2005 IMF optimistic about Hong Kong fiscal performance
31-01-2005 Standing Committee on Company Law Reform - appointments and re-appointments
26-01-2005 LCQ9: Trading activities after the abolition of the minimum brokerage commission rule

LCQ16: Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors (QDII) scheme 

25-01-2005 Transcript of a media stand-up session by the SFST's at the luncheon of the IPO Seminar organised by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries
16-01-2005 Transcript of the SFST's at a media stand-up session after attending a charitable fund-raising event
14-01-2005 Appointment to the Deposit Protection Appeals Tribunal
07-01-2005 Public Views invited on Legislative Proposal to Enhance the Regulation of Listing
05-01-2005 LCQ 2: Use of language in completing IPO application forms

LCQ 19: Employment earnings and wage rates ( Table 1-3 , 4-5 )

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