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Press Releases - 2006

Press Releases



Date Topic
29-12-2006 Appointments to the Capital Adequacy Review Tribunal
22-12-2006 Appointment of Non-Executive Directors to the SFC
15-12-2006 Appointment of Lay Member to HKICPA Council
13-12-2006 LCQ16: Fees and charges for banking services
06-12-2006 LCQ15: Measures against employers defaulting on MPF contributions

LCQ20: Independent non-executive directors

30-11-2006 Appointments to Financial Reporting Council

Appointment of Lay Member to HKICPA Council

22-11-2006 LCQ10: Money Lenders Ordinance
17-11-2006 Standing Committee on Company Law Reform publishes Annual Report
15-11-2006 LCQ9: Employers in the construction industry defaulting on employees' wages and MPF contributions
08-11-2006 LCQ1: Stock transaction of a listed company and the related disclosure of fund sources 
07-11-2006 IMF commends HK's efforts in fostering strong market infrastructure and further financial integration with the Mainland  (Annex
01-11-2006 LCQ15: Dual filing system
25-10-2006 LCQ10: Financial cooperation between Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Renowned financial services organisations take part in career exhibition (Annex

17-10-2006 Appointment of Chairman of the Securities and Futures Commission
03-10-2006 New Chief Operating Officer to the Securities and Futures Commission appointed
27-09-2006 Government welcomes Moody's decision to upgrade Hong Kong's rating
15-09-2006 HK financial services delegation concludes Hunan visit
13-09-2006 Financial services delegation starts promotional visit in Changsha
07-09-2006 SFST to lead over 100 financial services delegates to Hunan next week

SFST takes part in APEC Finance Ministers' Meeting

05-09-2006 SFST to attend APEC Finance Ministers' Meeting in Hanoi 
25-08-2006 Appointment of Executive Directors to the SFC and Appointment to the HKEx Risk Management Committee
27-07-2006 Process Review Panel for the Securities and Futures Commission publishes Fifth Annual Report

FS welcomes publication of annual report of Process Review Panel for the Securities and Futures Commission

Government welcomes S&P's decision to upgrade HK's ratings

26-07-2006 SFST's to the media before attending the Association of Hong Kong Professionals Luncheon
25-07-2006 Government welcomes Fitch's decision to upgrade HK's rating outlook
14-07-2006 Appointment of Non-Executive Director of Securities and Futures Commission
07-07-2006 Government welcomes Moody's upgrade of Hong Kong's domestic currency government bond rating outlook
05-07-2006 LCQ7: Financial infrastructure of Hong Kong

LCQ14: Professional liability system

30-06-2006 Appointments to the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board announced
28-06-2006 LCQ16: Mutual use programme for Hong Kong's Octopus card and Shenzhen's TransCard
27-06-2006 SFST encourages Canadian investors to use HK to access China market
23-06-2006 Securities and Futures (Amendment) Ordinance 2006 gazetted
21-06-2006 Quality services to stay under five-day week: FSB
16-06-2006 Levy Order to reduce securities and futures trading levies gazetted
14-06-2006 Legislative Council passes the MPF Schemes (General) (Amendment) Regulation 2006

LCQ13: Closure of branches of banks (Table)

10-06-2006 Financial and academic sectors committed to enhancing internship programme Saturday
24-05-2006 LCQ1: Prevention of conflict of interest of HKEx Board members
17-05-2006 To enhance regulation of MPF investment
28-04-2006 Chief Executive approves the chairmanship of HKEx
26-04-2006 LCQ19: Liquidators' professional liability system and service charges

LCQ20: Employment statistics for 2005
(Annex 1) (Annex 2)

The Government Appoints Directors to the Board of HKEx

18-04-2006 Government welcomes S&P's decision to upgrade HK's rating outlook
23-03-2006 Hong Kong holds Pan-PRD financial services forum
16-03-2006 Edward Chan re-appointed to MPFA as Non-Executive Director
13-03-2006 FSTB to hold Pan-PRD financial services forum this month
01-03-2006 LCQ1: Regulating listed companies' disclosure of price-sensitive information
27-02-2006 SFST in Dubai to promote Hong Kong
08-02-2006 LCQ10: Premium rate cut in employees compensation insurance business

LCQ19: Valuation of properties by not-for-profit entities

19-01-2006 He Guangbei appointed to HKEx Risk Management Committee
11-01-2006 LCQ1: Fees and charges of MPF funds

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