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Publications and Press Releases

Press Releases - 2007

Press Releases



Date Topic
27-12-2007 Better protection for MPF scheme participants proposed
19-12-2007 Insurance Authority and Financial Reporting Council sign MOU
14-12-2007 Appointment of Lay Members to HKICPA Council 
30-11-2007 Appointments to the Process Review Committee 
28-11-2007 LCQ2:Default payments of Mandatory Provident Fund contributions by employers
23-11-2007 SFST: HK firmly established as Asia's premier capital formation hub
22-11-2007 SFST begins visit to Vietnam
20-11-2007 IMF supports Government's policies to enhance competitiveness and the linked exchange rate (annex)

SFST to visit Vietnam

18-11-2007 Standing Committee on Company Law Reform Publishes Annual Report
07-11-2007 LCQ14: Deposit Protection Scheme
02-11-2007 Appointments to Clearing and Settlement Systems Appeals Tribunal
26-10-2007 Appointment of Non-Executive Directors of the Securities and Futures Commission
24-10-2007 LCQ20: Mechanism for suspension of stock trading of listed companies 
17-10-2007 LCQ17: Impact of sub-prime mortgage problem on Hong Kong
27-09-2007 Appointment to the Financial Reporting Council
21-09-2007 Asian Financial Forum concludes successfully
11-09-2007 Hong Kong to host Asian Financial Forum next week
07-09-2007 Process Review Panel for the Securities and Futures Commission publishes 6th annual report

FS welcomed publication of annual report of Process Review Panel for the Securities and Futures Commission

24-08-2007 Edmond Lau appointed to HKEx Risk Management Committee
13-08-2007 FSTB's response to media enquiries
26-07-2007 Moody's decision to upgrade Hong Kong's foreign-currency and local-currency sovereign ratings welcomed

S&P's decision to upgrade Hong Kong's ratings outlook welcomed 

13-07-2007 Fitch's decision to upgrade Hong Kong's long-term foreign-currency sovereign rating welcomed
12-07-2007 Appointments to Financial Reporting Review Panel
11-07-2007 LCQ10: Cases on which the Securities and Futures Commission completed inquiries or investigations in the past five financial years (annex)
04-07-2007 LCQ2: Promoting the development of Hong Kong's fund management

LCQ6: Gini Coefficient

LCQ12: Travel insurance agents

26-06-2007 SFST: HK an ideal investment platform for Mainland insurance funds
18-06-2007 Re-appointment of HKEx Risk Management Committee members
14-06-2007 LC: SFST's speech in moving the resolution on Bankruptcy (Amendment) Rules 2007

LC: SFST's speech in moving the resolution on Bankruptcy (Forms) (Amendment) Rules 2007 (English only)

LC: SFST's speech in moving the resolution on Bankruptcy (Fees and Percentages) (Amendment) Order 2007 (English only)

LC: SFST's speech in moving the resolution on Proof of Debts (Amendment) Rules 2007 (English only)

MPF Schemes (Amendment) Bill 2007 to be gazetted tomorrow

13-06-2007 LCQ5: Fees of MPF funds

LCQ20: MPF fund management fees

01-06-2007 Local staff of International Finance Corporation exempted from salaries tax
31-05-2007 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Human Resources Development in the Financial Services Sector
30-05-2007 LCQ1: Regulation of Mainland companies listed in Hong Kong
23-05-2007 LCQ15: Extending the usage of Octopus Cards
18-05-2007 Companies Ordinance (Amendment of Eighth Schedule) Order 2007 gazetted
16-05-2007 LCQ12: Number of Usual Residents present in Hong Kong (annex 1) (annex 2) (annex 3)
15-05-2007 SFST encourages Fujian enterprises to use HK as global investment platform

SFST to lead financial delegation to Beijing

11-05-2007 SFST promotes HK in Kazakhstan

Reappointment of Non-Executive Director of SFC and Appointments to SFC Advisory Committee

04-05-2007 Students shadowing attachment programme completed successfully
02-05-2007 LCQ2: Automatic discharge of bankrupts

LCQ11: Fees and charges for banking services

26-04-2007 Government reappoints three directors to Board of HKEx
25-04-2007 Don't miss the boat, says SFST

LCQ7: Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes

LCQ17: Views of securities analysts expressed in the media

24-04-2007 SFST promotes Hong Kong to Canadian business community
21-04-2007 SFST: HK is the bridge to opportunities in China
16-04-2007 SFST to promote HK in New York and Toronto

LCQ2: Supervision of Octopus Cards Limited 

LCQ3: Corporate governance

12-04-2007 FinMan Committee and Lingnan University co-organise Business Students Attachment Programme
04-04-2007 Government welcomes report on SFC's annual review of Exchange's performance
02-04-2007 MPFA managing director re-appointed
28-03-2007 LCQ2: Employment statistics for 2005 and 2006 (annex 1) (annex 2)
23-03-2007 Appointments to MPF Schemes Advisory Committee

Appointments to the Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal

14-03-2007 LCQ20: Compilation and announcement of the Gini Coefficient 
16-02-2007 Companies (Revision of Accounts and Reports) Regulation gazetted
06-02-2007 Appointments and re-appointments to MPFA
31-01-2007 SFST concludes Middle East visit

Appointments to Standing Committee on Company Law Reform 

29-01-2007 SFST promotes Hong Kong in Emirates
27-01-2007 SFST promotes business co-operation in the Middle East
23-01-2007 SFST to lead delegation to the Middle East
22-01-2007 FRC's CEO appointed
09-01-2007 IMF commends Hong Kong's macroeconomic policy framework (annex)

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