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Publications and Press Releases

Press Releases - 2008

Press Releases



Date Topic
31-12-2008 HKMA and SFC submit Lehman Brothers Minibonds Incident Report
19-12-2008 Re-appointment of non-executive directors to Securities and Futures Commission
17-12-2008 LCQ10: Insurance industry exploring the Mainland insurance market
10-12-2008 LCQ2: Structure of authorised institutions
05-12-2008 Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session
28-11-2008 Appointment of lay members to HKICPA Council
26-11-2008 SFST highlights HK's development of a market for Islamic finance in Dubai
24-11-2008 SFST begins Dubai visit
21-11-2008 SFST to attend Dubai International Financial Centre Forum 
19-11-2008 LCQ1: Investments of the Mandatory Provident Fund

LCQ15: Movements in interest rates ( Annex )

12-11-2008 LCQ3: Regulation of listed companies ( Annex )

LCQ18: Short selling activities

09-11-2008 Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session
05-11-2008 LCQ8: Investors education
01-11-2008 Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session
22-10-2008 LCQ2 : Stabilising the financial system of Hong Kong 

LCQ7: The Deposit Protection Scheme

09-10-2008 Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session
06-10-2008 Transcript of remarks by FS at media session
02-10-2008 SFST's transcript at media session
28-09-2008 FSTB responds to procession by Lehman Minibond holders
21-09-2008 Government response to Lehman Minibonds
09-07-2008 LCQ9: Services of Companies Registry

LCQ20: Computation of CPI

04-07-2008 Re-appointment of non-executive director to SFC

Employment statistics ( Annex 1 Annex 2 )


LCQ19: Automatic discharge from bankruptcy


Hong Kong is Russia's best partner for reaching out to international market


Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury to visit Moscow


LCQ20: Measures implemented by the banking industry to protect the personal data of customers


Hong Kong offers round-the-clock worldwide business edges to investors

New forms to streamline incorporation procedures for local companies

15-05-2008 SFST: Mainland's economic growth means business opportunities for HK

SFST addresses sub-prime crisis in his maiden US official visit

SFST begins US visit programme in New York


SFST to visit the US


LCQ16: $10 counterfeit coins ( Annex )


LCQ2: Defaulted payment of MPF contributions ( Annex )

Chief Executive approves chairmanship of HKEx

23-04-2008 LCQ1: Travel insurance agents

LCQ17: Accumulator Contracts ( Annex )

09-04-2008 LCQ7: Employment statistics for 2007 ( Annex 1 Annex 2 )
26-03-2008 Conclusions on improving accounting and auditing provisions released
15-03-2008 Conference explores human resources challenges in financial services sector
29-02-2008 Executive Director re-appointed to SFC
20-02-2008 LCQ10: Mandatory Provident Fund
19-02-2008 Government welcomes report on SFC's review of Exchange performance
05-02-2008 IMF supports Government's policy to maintain Linked Exchange Rate and promote Hong Kong as an international financial centre
01-02-2008 Re-appointment of non-executive director to MPFA
31-01-2008 Appointments to Standing Committee on Company Law Reform
29-01-2008 Transcript of SFST's media session
25-01-2008 Appointment to SFC Advisory Committee

SFST visits Central and Western District

23-01-2008 LCQ17: Octopus Cards
18-01-2008 Benjamin Hung appointed to HKEx Risk Management Committee
16-01-2008 LCQ1: 70% loan-to-value ratio cap for residential mortgage

LCQ6: Impact of sub-prime mortgage problem in the United States on Hong Kong's economy

11-01-2008 Appointments to the Deposit Protection Appeals Tribunal
09-01-2008 LCQ12: Shortage of accounting professionals in Hong Kong

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