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Press Releases - 2009

Press Releases



Date Topic
31-12-2009 Appointments to Capital Adequacy Review Tribunal
29-12-2009 Government welcomes SFC's report on Exchange's performance
16-12-2009 LCQ1: Cross system usage of electronic money in Hong Kong and Shenzhen
14-12-2009 Appointment of lay members to HKICPA Council
09-12-2009 LCQ4: Banking services provided by note-issuing banks (Annex)

LCQ5: FS' power to appoint inspectors to investigate affairs of companies (Annex A) (Annex B)

LCQ7: Impact of Dubai World's debt problem on the financial system and market of Hong Kong

LCQ20: Monitoring of the operations of finance companies

08-12-2009 High-level workshop to tap wisdom on developing financial talent

SFST visits Fujian

03-12-2009 IMF welcomes Government's efforts to sustain economic recovery and supports the Linked Exchange Rate system
02-12-2009 LCQ10: Development of a carbon emissions trading platform
27-11-2009 Standing Committee on Company Law Reform publishes annual report

Appointment to the Financial Reporting Council

20-11-2009 SFST continues visit to Switzerland
19-11-2009 SFST visits Switzerland promoting Hong Kong's strength as an international financial centre
18-11-2009 SFST calls for global co-operation to restore stability in financial system

LCQ11: Compilation of statistics on economic activities by the Census and Statistics Department

LCQ2: Investigation into the affairs of CITIC Pacific Limited

16-11-2009 SFST arrives Frankfurt for Euro Finance Week Lead Conference
12-11-2009 Expert Group on Hong Kong/Guangdong Financial Co-operation holds first meeting
11-11-2009 LCQ20: Review of the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme

Hong Kong to seize Islamic finance opportunity

10-11-2009 SFST begins visit to Japan
09-11-2009 Moody's decision to upgrade Hong Kong's rating outlook welcomed

SFST visits Korea

03-11-2009 IMF upgrades Hong Kong's growth forecasts amid signs of recovery ( annex )
29-10-2009 Public consultation on corporate rescue procedure starts
28-10-2009 LCQ9: Sale of insurance products

SFST starts visit in Beijing

27-10-2009 SFST to visit Beijing
21-10-2009 LCQ2: Measures to improve regulation of financial institutions and financial products

LCQ4: Proposed cooling-off period for sales of investment products

16-09-2009 Appointment of Chairman and Non-Executive Directors to SFC

SFST attends Western China International Economy and Trade Fair in Chengdu

18-09-2009 Process Review Panel for the SFC publishes 2008-09 annual report (Executive Summary)
18-09-2009 Process Review Panel for the SFC publishes 2008-09 annual report (Executive Summary)
27-08-2009 Re-appointments to SFC and HKEx's Risk Management Committee announced
14-08-2009 HK financial services delegation visits Exhibition Hall of 2010 Shanghai Expo
13-08-2009 Hong Kong financial services delegation begins Shanghai visit
12-08-2009 SFST to lead financial services delegation to Shanghai
10-08-2009 SFST stresses financial regulatory reform should not hinder capital flows to emerging markets and developing economies
08-08-2009 SFST to attend World Capital Markets Symposium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
02-08-2009 FSTB's response to investment in Lehman Brothers related ELN products
29-07-2009 Consultation Forum on Trustee Ordinance Review
26-07-2009 FSTB's response to Lehman Minibonds Repurchase Scheme
22-07-2009 SFST on Lehman minibonds incident (1)

SFST on Lehman minibonds incident (2)

09-07-2009 Consultation on proposed anti-money laundering legislation starts
08-07-2009 LCQ19: Injection of money into Mandatory Provident Fund accounts of eligible persons

LCQ2: Electronic money systems of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta 

29-06-2009 Re-appointment of HKEx Risk Management Committee members
24-06-2009 LCQ12: Statistics on consumer spending

LCQ7: Measures to facilitate insurance and finance sectors

22-06-2009 Public consultation on review of the Trustee Ordinance starts 
( Annex )
03-06-2009 LCQ17: Harassments by debt collection agencies
29-05-2009 Appointments to SFC Advisory Committee

Appointments to Advisory Committee on Human Resources Development in the Financial Services Sector

25-05-2009 Appointment of Non-Executive Director to SFC
20-05-2009 LCQ14: Commercial vehicle insurance provided by insurance companies (annex 1 annex 2)
19-05-2009 HK financial services delegation begins Guangdong visit
17-05-2009 SFST to lead financial services delegation to visit Guangdong Province
13-05-2009 LCQ5: Corporate rescue procedure

OCI meets representatives of taxi and public light bus operators today

08-05-2009 Provisional Liquidators appointed for Anglo Starlite Insurance Company Ltd
06-05-2009 SFST highlights Hong Kong's strength as an international financial centre in Brussels

LCQ3: Regulation of the Octopus payment system

LCQ4: Assistance for bankrupts

05-05-2009 Insurance Authority takes control of local insurer to protect policyholders
04-05-2009 Transcript of remarks by Acting SFST at media session
03-05-2009 Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury to visit Belgium and United Kingdom
29-04-2009 LCQ8: Office of the Commissioner of Insurance

LCQ18: Regulation of callable bull/bear contracts (annex )

28-04-2009 ExCo approves proposal on Government Bond Programme

Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session

23-04-2009 Bill to increase employees' control over MPF investments to be gazetted

Government appoints directors to HKEx board

22-04-2009 LCQ6: Employment Statistics (annex1 annex2 )

LCQ9: Motor vehicles insurance

Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session

Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury to visit Beijing

19-04-2009 Govt's response to procession relating to Lehman Brothers Minibond incident
18-04-2009 Government welcomes measures by CPG to expand RMB bond market and facilitate bank borrowing by Hong Kong enterprises operating on the Mainland
17-04-2009 Complaints relating to sale of Lehman Brothers Minibonds are followed-up

Government welcomes SFC's report on Exchange's performance

31-03-2009 Forum explores career development in global financial crisis
27-03-2009 Appointments to MPF Schemes Advisory Committee

Appointments to the Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal

26-03-2009 HK officials to attend G20 summit as Chinese delegation members
25-03-2009 Forum to be held for university students on financial career development

Population Census Conference held with enthusiastic exchanges

18-03-2009 LCQ12: Counterfeit $10 coins
17-03-2009 Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session (English portion)
11-03-2009 LCQ6: Compilation method of percentage share of value added of tourism to GDP

LCQ7: Deposit Protection Scheme

LCQ8: Counterfeit Hong Kong banknotes

04-03-2009 LCQ18: Provision of banking services to ethnic minorities

LCQ6: The role and function of credit rating agencies

SFST calls for recommitment to co-operation and closer collaboration to deal with global financial crisis

03-03-2009 SFST begins visit to Australia
28-02-2009 Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session
27-02-2009 Appointments to MPFA
25-02-2009 LCQ14: Occupational Retirement Schemes

LCQ15: Protection of bank deposits

20-02-2009 Funding for contribution to Asian Development Fund approved
18-02-2009 LCQ6: Investigation into the affairs of CITIC Pacific Limited

LCQ2: Privatisation of listed companies

11-02-2009 LCQ4: Interest rates charged by banks

LCQ5: Contracting out winding-up cases by the Official Receiver's Office ( annex )

30-01-2009 Appointments to Standing Committee on Company Law Reform

Appointment to Financial Reporting Council

22-01-2009 Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session after the meeting of the Task Force on Economic Challenges
19-01-2009 Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session

Enthusiastic exchanges among world business leaders at Asian Financial Forum

14-01-2009 LCQ8: Arrangements to inject funds into MPF accounts of eligible persons

LCQ9: Refusal to offer property mortgage loans by banks

08-01-2009 Govt implements recommendations in Lehman minibonds incident reports


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