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Press Releases - 2011

Press Releases



Date Topic
23-12-2011 Market Misconduct Tribunal submits reports on dealings in ABC Communications (Holdings) Limited shares(Annex)
14-12-2011 Transcript of SFST's remarks
14-12-2011 Appointment of lay members to HKICPA Council
14-12-2011 Government holds seminar on Renminbi measures
14-12-2011 Appointment to Financial Reporting Council
09-12-2011 International Monetary Fund backs Linked Exchange Rate system and Hong Kong's decisive actions to bolster financial 
08-12-2011 SFST to attend IMF High-Level Regional Financial Sector Assessment Programme Outreach Symposium in Shanghai 
08-12-2011 Banking (Amendment) Bill 2011 to be gazetted 
07-12-2011 LCQ19: Regulation of credit rating agencies in Hong Kong 
06-12-2011 Government launches consultation on simplified reporting by private companies under Companies Bill 
06-12-2011 Bill to enhance regulation of Mandatory Provident Fund intermediaries' activities to be gazetted 
30-11-2011 LCQ1: Employment in financial services industry
30-11-2011 LCQ16: 2011 Population Census e-Questionnaire
23-11-2011 LCQ1: Measures to enhance regulation of financial derivative products to protect the interest of investors
23-11-2011 LCQ20: Impact of the debt crises in European countries
18-11-2011 Appointments of Chairmen to Market Misconduct Tribunal and Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal
18-11-2011 Appointment to Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board (Annex)
16-11-2011 LCQ18: Measures to reduce the risks faced by local banks
16-11-2011 IMF strongly endorses Hong Kong's Linked Exchange Rate system and effective policy framework (Annex)
10-11-2011 SFST visits Beijing
08-11-2011 USFST outlines in Zurich ambitions for China's global financial centre
01-11-2011 Forum explores opportunities and challenges for HK finance professionals
26-10-2011 LCQ17: Review of the issuance of inflation-linked bonds
26-10-2011 LCQ6: Central Government's measures to implement the RQFII scheme and support Hong Kong's insurance companies to enter the Mainland market
24-10-2011 Standing Committee on Company Law Reform publishes annual report 
19-10-2011 LCQ2: Strategies for managing reserve assets
14-10-2011 Government welcomes SFC report on Hong Kong Exchange's performance
14-10-2011 HKSARG welcomes promulgation of the "Notice on Cross-border Renminbi FDI" and the "Renminbi Foreign Direct Investment Settlement Rules" 
06-10-2011 Transcript of SFST's remarks
29-09-2011 Appointments of Chairman and Non-Executive Directors to SFC
16-09-2011 Process Review Panel for SFC publishes annual report
20-08-2011 Transcript of SFST's remarks
12-08-2011 Transcript of SFST's remarks
01-08-2011 Appointment of Chief Executive Officer of Securities and Futures Commission
29-07-2011 Government announces Consultation Conclusions and detailed legislative proposals to enhance regulation of MPF intermediaries
26-07-2011 Government announces subscription and allocation results of iBond
15-07-2011 Appointment of Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading Arbitration Panel members
13-07-2011 LCQ17: Statistics on household income and expenditure (Annex)
13-07-2011 LCQ9: Safety of Census officers during visits to households
13-07-2011 LCQ2: Provision of annuity plans under the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme
08-07-2011 Law amendments about payment of SFC levies on futures contracts transactions through automatic trading services gazetted
05-07-2011 Government launches iBond
04-07-2011 Tax arrangements on dividends paid to Hong Kong residents by Mainland companies clarified
29-06-2011 Appointment of HKEx Risk Management Committee members
29-06-2011 LCQ6: Statistics on monthly household income and expenditureuthority(AnnexA,AnnexB)
24-06-2011 Government announces consultation conclusions and detailed proposals on the establishment of an independent Insurance Authority
22-06-2011 LCQ10: Non-complaint Employer and Officer Records set up by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
22-06-2011 LCQ2: Management of assets accumulated under the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes
22-06-2011 LCQ1: Development of Renminbi offshore business centre
22-06-2011 Government introduces Bill on disclosure of price sensitive information and establishment of Investor Education Council (Annex)
15-06-2011 SFST to attend St Petersburg International Economic mForum
14-06-2011 Government presents legislation to increase minimum and maximum relevant income levels for Mandatory Provident Fund contributions
13-06-2011 Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session
08-06-2011 LCQ17: Competitiveness of the Hong Kong stock exchange market on trust listings
05-06-2011 SFST visits Europe
01-06-2011 Appointments to SFC Advisory Committee
31-05-2011 Appointments to Advisory Committee on Human Resources Development in the Financial Services Sector
23-05-2011 Appointment of Non-Executive Director to SFC
20-05-2011 SFST to visit Indonesia and Malaysia
18-05-2011 LCQ15: Regulation of banks (Annex)
11-05-2011 LCQ7: Collection of service fees by banks (Annex)

LCQ2: Speculative and high-risk financial products

04-05-2011 LCQ14: Concentration risk in the sale of equity linked structured notes issued by Lehman Brothers

LCQ15: Disruptions to banks' online trading system

21-04-2011 Government appoints directors to HKEx board
13-04-2011 LCQ1: Statistics on household income (Annex)
30-03-2011 LCQ10: Statistics on employment earnings (Annex 1) (Annex 2)
29-03-2011 SFST welcomes 2010 report of Process Review Panel for Financial Reporting Council

Process Review Panel for Financial Reporting Council publishes 2010 report

Appointments to MPF Schemes Advisory Committee

28-03-2011 Appointments to Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal

Government outlines legislative proposals to enhance regulation of MPF intermediaries

27-03-2011 Government welcomes final resolution for vast majority of Lehman Brothers Minibond holders
25-03-2011 Inland Revenue (Amendment) Ordinance 2011 gazetted today

Government launches consultation on Policyholders' Protection Fund

21-03-2011 Opening remarks by SFST at Legislative Council Finance Committee special meeting
16-03-2011 LCQ8: Regulation of the trading of warrants

LCQ17: Proposed discontinuation of the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme (Annex)

LCQ3: Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme

15-03-2011 Appointments to MPFA
02-03-2011 LCQ3 Equity dispute relating to listed companies

LCQ17 Minimum level of relevant income for Mandatory Provident Fund contributions (Annex 1)

Hong Kong's Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Highlights Hong Kong's Role as Global Financial Centre to New York Audience

25-02-2011 Injection into Mandatory Provident Accounts
24-02-2011 The Government of Hong Kong SAR to hold "China's Global Financial Centre Conference" in New York
23-02-2011 LCQ6 Lost Octopus cards

LCQ16 Automatic teller machines

19-02-2011 Global recruitment for CEO of SFC commences
18-02-2011 Creation of regulatory regime for credit rating agencies

Bill to protect mandatory contributions in MPF schemes in case of bankruptcy gazetted

16-02-2011 LCQ1 Charges for the transfer of stocks

LCQ5 Fees and charges in bankruptcy (Annex 1) (Annex 2)

LC Speech by SFST in moving the Second Reading of the Inland Revenue (Amendment) Bill 2011

15-02-2011 Appointment of Directors to SFC
11-02-2011 Government to legislate on disclosure of price sensitive information by listed corporations
02-02-2011 Inland Revenue (Amendment) Bill 2011 gazetted today
28-01-2011 Appointments to Standing Committee on Company Law Reform
26-01-2011 LCQ10 Automatic teller machines (Annex)
19-01-2011 LCQ19 Vetting and approval of investment products (Annex)
17-01-2011 Financial heavyweights gather at AFF to reshape global financial agenda
15-01-2011 Transcript of SFST's remarks
14-01-2011 Companies Bill gazetted today (Annex)

Appointments to Deposit Protection Appeals Tribunal

12-01-2011 LCQ3 Development of Hong Kong as an offshore Renminbi business center
05-01-2011 LCQ2: Reverse mortgage pilot scheme

LCQ5 Enforcement action on section 107 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance


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