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Publications and Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases



Date Topic
28-12-2012 Inland Revenue and Stamp Duty Legislation (Alternative Bond Schemes) (Amendment) Bill 2012 gazetted today
27-12-2012 Statutory regime for disclosure of inside information to come into operation on January 1
21-12-2012 Appointments to Banking Review Tribunal
21-12-2012 Appointment of Non-Executive Directors to SFC
19-12-2012 LCQ6: Demands of small and medium securities dealers
12-12-2012 IMF reaffirms support for Linked Exchange Rate System, praises HK's economic, financial policies (Annex)
12-12-2012 LegCo: Speech by SFST on Basel III-related subsidiary legislation
05-12-2012 LCQ6: Monitoring performance of Mandatory Provident Fund schemes
28-11-2012 LCQ15: Regulation of dark pool trading
23-11-2012 Consultation conclusions of trust law reform detailed legislative proposals published
22-11-2012 Appointment to Financial Reporting Council
20-11-2012 Launch of Investor Education Centre welcomed
13-11-2012 Appointment of lay members of HKICPA Council
02-11-2012 Government welcomes SFC's report on SEHK's performance
02-11-2012 Phase Two public consultation on new Companies Ordinance subsidiary legislation launched
31-10-2012 LCQ18: Review of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes
31-10-2012 LCQ6: Development of the banking industry
29-10-2012 Government releases consultation conclusions for tax law amendments for Islamic bonds
26-10-2012 Government launches consultation on key legislative amendments for establishment of independent Insurance Authority
26-10-2012 Appointment to MPF Schemes Advisory Committee
24-10-2012 Transcript of SFST's remarks
24-10-2012 LCQ4: Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes
17-10-2012 Revised capital rules for banks to be gazetted
17-10-2012 LCQ20: Development of Hong Kong as a fund management centre in Asia
28-09-2012 Government launches consultation on subsidiary legislation to be made under new Companies Ordinance
28-09-2012 Appointments of Chairman and Non-Executive Director of SFC
28-09-2012 Process Review Panel for SFC publishes annual report
28-09-2012 Appointment of Financial Reporting Council Chairman
27-09-2012 Appointments to Occupational Retirement Schemes Appeal Board
27-09-2012 Appointment to MPFA
25-09-2012 Standing Committee on Company Law Reform publishes annual report
24-08-2012 Re-appointments of Executive Directors to SFC
24-08-2012 Appointments to Mandatory Provident Fund Industry Schemes Committee
15-08-2012 Further strengthening Mainland-HK economic and financial co-operation - a major policy measure
10-08-2012 Companies Ordinance gazetted today
28-07-2012 Exchange programme enhances HK-Shanghai financial co-operation
27-07-2012 Appointment of Non-Executive Director to SFC
18-07-2012 SFST welcomes Shanghai post-secondary financial students on exchange programme
12-07-2012 Government welcomes passage of Companies Bill by Legislative Council
11-07-2012 Post-secondary finance students in exchange programme meet with Shanghai Vice Mayor 
11-07-2012 LCQ19: The elderly and child dependency ratios
11-07-2012 HK continues to be centre of Renminbi liberalisation: FS
30-06-2012 HKSAR Government welcomes Central Government's measures to strengthen Mainland-Hong Kong co-operation 
29-06-2012 HKSARG welcomes Central Government's approval for launching Mainland ETFs based on Hong Kong-listed stocks
28-06-2012 HKSARG welcomes joint venture to be set up by Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong exchanges
28-06-2012 Ministry of Finance issues RMB sovereign bonds for fourth time in Hong Kong 
27-06-2012 LCQ5: Economic measures to be taken amidst the European debt crisis
20-06-2012 Government announces subscription and allocation results of iBond
19-06-2012 Financial Dispute Resolution Centre opens today
19-06-2012 Transcript of SFST's remarks
18-06-2012 Legislation relating to short position reporting regime takes effect today
15-06-2012 Appointments to Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board 
13-06-2012 Fraudulent website
12-06-2012 Post-secondary financial students begin visit and exchange programme in Shanghai
06-06-2012 LCQ20: Charging rates of Mandatory Provident Fund schemes 
06-06-2012 Administration's response to Report issued by Subcommittee to Study Issues Arising from Lehman Brothers-related Minibonds and Structured Financial Products 
05-06-2012 Post-secondary financial students to depart for Shanghai to join exchange programme
28-05-2012 Expert Group on Hong Kong-Guangdong Financial Co-operation meets today
28-05-2012 Government launches iBond
23-05-2012 LCQ18: Regulation of callable bull/bear contracts (Annex A) (Annex B)
23-05-2012 LCQ4: After-hours futures trading
23-05-2012 LCQ13: The issuance of inflation-linked retail bonds
17-05-2012 SFST to attend Expo Central China 2012 on behalf of HKSARG
16-05-2012 Market entry criteria revised for banking sector in Hong Kong
13-05-2012 Capital duty to be abolished from June
09-05-2012 Government proposes mechanism for suspension and resumption of levy for Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Compensation Fund
09-05-2012 LCQ1: Volcker Rule
03-05-2012 Securities and Futures (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 to be gazetted
27-04-2012 CE approves chairmanship of HKEx
25-04-2012 LCQ20: Monitoring of mainland private enterprises listed in Hong Kong 
20-04-2012 Appointment of chairman to Market Misconduct Tribunal and Securities and Futures Appeals Tribunal
18-04-2012 LCQ5: Regulation of financial products involving investment activities abroad
18-04-2012 LCQ8: Finance and economic research
10-04-2012 Government appoints directors to HKEx Board
30-03-2012 Commencement of anti-money laundering law and appointment of Review Tribunal
29-03-2012 Government launches consultation on proposed legislative amendments to facilitate development of Islamic bond market
28-03-2012 LCQ14: Employee Choice Arrangement of MPF
28-03-2012 LCQ3: Compensation from LB Holdings
24-03-2012 SFST to attend Lingnan Forum in Guangzhou
22-03-2012 Government launches consultation on draft legislation on trust law reform
22-03-2012 Legislation for short position reporting regime to be gazetted on Friday 
21-03-2012 LCQ3: Household income data
21-03-2012 Process Review Panel for Financial Reporting Council publishes 2011 report
21-03-2012 SFST welcomes 2011 annual report of Process Review Panel for Financial Reporting Council
16-03-2012 SFST invites New York's financiers to sample benefits of doing business in Hong Kong (English only)
16-03-2012 Order to abolish capital duty gazetted
09-03-2012 Appointment to MPFA
09-03-2012 Banking (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 gazetted
07-03-2012 SFST's speaking notes (financial services areas) tabled at LegCo Finance Committee Special Meeting
01-03-2012 Appointments to Financial Dispute Resolution Centre Limited announced
29-02-2012 LCQ6: Trading hours of Hong Kong stock exchange market
22-02-2012 LCQ13: Trading hours of Hong Kong stock exchange market
14-02-2012 Transcript of SFST's remarks
10-02-2012 HKSAR Government welcomes announcement of "Rules on Pilot Scheme on Investment in Mainland Securities by RQFII of Fund Management and Securities Companies"
30-01-2012 Government announces consultation conclusions and final proposals on Policyholders' Protection Fund
28-01-2012 Transcript of SFST's media session
27-01-2012 Appointments to Standing Committee on Company Law Reform
20-01-2012 Appointment of HKEx Risk Management Committee members
18-01-2012 LCQ12: Corporate social responsibilities of companies listed in Hong Kong
16-01-2012 Asian Financial Forum looks at Asia's booming opportunities
11-01-2012 LCQ9: Regulation of banking institutes engaging in the sale of endowment insurance products
06-01-2012 Hong Kong and Shanghai officials meet to enhance financial co-operation


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