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Speeches - 2011


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Date Topic
09-12-2011 Speech by SFST at the IMF High-level Regional FSAP Outreach Symposium (English only)
24-11-2011 Speech by SFST at the CPA Best Corporate Governance Disclosure Awards 2011 (English only)
09-11-2011 Speech by SFST at 24th Annual AVCJ Hong Kong Forum: Investment Summit 2011 (English Only) 
07-11-2011 Speech by SFST at Actuarial Society of Hong Kong Annual Dinner (English only)
01-11-2011 Speech by SFST at the FinMan/City University Forum (English only)
27-09-2011 Speech by SFST at ASFA - Asia-Pacific 2011 Pensions Forum (English only)
28-07-2011 Speech by PSFS at the Hong Kong Association of Corporate Treasurers luncheon (English only)
06-07-2011 LC: Speech by SFST in moving the Motion to Amend the Professional Accountants (Amendment) Bylaw 2011
05-07-2011 Speech by SFST at launching press conference on iBond
13-06-2011 Speech by SFST at the International Research Conference (English only)
11-06-2011 Speech by SFST at the Hong Kong Society Gala Dinner in London (English only)
08-06-2011 Speech by SFST at an executive business luncheon in Prague hosted by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Berlin (English only)
23-05-2011 Speech by SFST at luncheon seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia (English only)
20-05-2011 Speech by SFST at Lujiazui Forum 2011 in Shanghai
13-05-2011 Speech by SFST at Conference on Development of ETFs and Other Index Products (English only)
07-04-2011 Speech by PSFS at the Hong Kong Institute of Directors Speaker Luncheon Meeting (English Only)
16-03-2011 LC: Speech by SFST for the resumption of second reading debate of the Inland Revenue (Amendment) Bill 2011
10-03-2011 Speech by SFST at Standard Chartered Hong Kong Forum (English only)
02-03-2011 Speech by USFST at Hong Kong China's Global Financial Centre Conference (English Only)
08-02-2011 Speech by SFST at ground breaking ceremony for HKEx's Next Generation Data Centre (English only)
18-01-2011 Speech by PSFS at Asian Financial Forum 2011 (English only)
17-01-2011 Speech by SFST at the Policy Dialogue of the Asian (English only)

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