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Date Topic
03-12-2013 Speech by SFST at HKIoD Annual Dinner cum Presentation
of Directors of the Year Awards 2013 (English only)
29-11-2013 Speech by SFST at BDO Asia Pacific Corporate Finance
Summit 2013 (English only)
20-11-2013 Speech by SFST at ASIFMA Annual Conference 2013
(English only)

Speech by PSFS at the evening reception of
the first anniversary celebration of the Investor Education Centre (IEC)
18-11-2013 Speech by SFST at Hong Kong Trustees' Association
Conference 2013 (English only)
14-11-2013 Speech by PSFS at cocktail reception hosted by ACIIA, Securities Association of China and Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (English only)
12-11-2013 Speech by SFST at Hong Kong Management Association
Annual Conference 2013 (English only)
08-11-2013 Speech by PSFS at Global Venture Capital Congress 2013
(English only)
01-11-2013 Speech by SFST at CPA Congress 2013 (English only)
19-09-2013 Speech by PSFS at a luncheon in Luxembourg (English only)
25-08-2013 Speech by SFST at opening ceremony of 59th World
Statistics Congress of International Statistical
Institute (English only)
28-06-2013 Speech by SFST at Luijiazhui Forum
25-06-2013 Opening address by SFST at LME Week Asia 2013 (English only)
11-06-2013 USFST's speech at 12th HKVCA China Private Equity Summit (English only)
05-06-2013 Speech by SFST at 7th IFRS Regional Policy Forum of HKICPA (English only)
29-05-2013 Speech by SFST at launching press conference on iBond
22-05-2013 LC: Speech by SFST in moving resolution under Loans Ordinance to raise the maximum amount of borrowings under Government Bond Programme
07-05-2013 Speech by SFST at opening ceremony of HOFEX 2013 (English only)
08-04-2013 Opening remarks by SFST on financial services at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
05-03-2013 SFST's speech at the HKICPA spring cocktail reception (English only)
29-01-2013 Speech by PSFS at Amundi Asset Management’s 30th Anniversary Celebration Cocktail Party (English only)
15-01-2013 Speech by PSFS at Keynote Luncheon of Asian Financial Forum (English only) 
09-01-2013 LegCo: Speech by SFST in moving the Second Reading of the Inland Revenue and Stamp Duty Legislation (Alternative Bond Schemes) (Amendment) Bill 2012

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