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Date Topic
19-12-2015 Transcript of SFST's remarks
14-12-2015 Speech by SFST at 2nd ASEAN Development Forum (English only)
04-12-2015 Speech by SFST at Shanghai-Hong Kong Development
Lecture (English only)
30-11-2015 Transcript of SFST's remarks

Speech by SFST at HKICPA Best Corporate Governance
Disclosure Awards 2015 (English only)
18-11-2015 Speech by SFST at Cyberport University Partnership
Programme Demo Day (English only)
05-11-2015 Speech by PSFS at Cocktail Reception of Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (English only)
30-10-2015 Speech by SFST at Hong Kong Investment Funds
Association 9th Annual Conference (English only)
23-10-2015 Speech by SFST at Hong Kong Securities and Investment
Institute Autumn Dinner 2015 (English only)
14-10-2015 Speech by SFST at Thomson Reuters 6th Annual Pan Asian
Regulatory Summit (English only)
25-09-2015 Speech by SFST at Hong Kong Institute of Bankers
Annual Banking Conference (English only)
05-08-2015 Transcript of SFST's remarks
03-08-2015 Keynote Speech by SFST at Global Youth Entrepreneurs
Forum 2015 (English only)
30-07-2015 Speech by SFST at Boao Forum for Asia Sydney
Conference in Sydney (English only)(with photos)
28-07-2015 Speech by SFST at Business Awards Gala Dinner in
Sydney (English only)
08-07-2015 Transcript of remarks by Acting FS at media session
06-07-2015 Transcript of SFST's remarks
18-06-2015 Welcome Remarks by PSFS at
FT Investment Management Summit Asia – Identifying and Executing
Essential Growth Strategies
15-06-2015 Keynote Speech by SFST at London Stock Exchange Group
Greater China Forum (English only)
02-06-2015 Speech by SFST at 4th Asia-Pacific Pensions Forum
(English only)
01-06-2015 Speech by SFST at Hong Kong Venture Capital and
Private Equity Association China Private Equity Summit
2015 (English only)
22-05-2015 Transcript of SFST's remarks
21-05-2015 Speech by SFST at Boao Youth Forum for Asia (Hong
Kong) 2015 (English only)
19-05-2015 Speech by SFST at Hong Kong Business Seminar Luncheon
in Seoul (English only) (with photo)
16-05-2015 Transcript of SFST's remarks
14-05-2015 Speech by SFST at London Business School (English
only) (with photos)
05-05-2015 PSFS's opening remarks at Overcoming Challenges to Financial
Innovation in Hong Kong Seminar (English only)
28-04-2015 Speech by SFST at ASIFMA's 5th Offshore RMB Markets
Conference (English only)
01-04-2015 Speech by SFST at Lipper Fund Awards Hong Kong 2015
presentation ceremony (English only)
30-03-2015 SFST's speaking notes on financial services tabled at
LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
10-03-2015 Speech by SFST at spring cocktail reception of Hong
Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
(English only)
07-03-2015 Transcript of remarks by SFST at media session
06-02-2015 Speech by SFST at 25th anniversary cocktail reception
of Insurance Claims Complaints Bureau (English only)
19-01-2015 Welcome remarks by PSFS at Asian Financial Forum 2015 keynote luncheon (English only) (with photo) (video)
14-01-2015 Speech by SFST at Hong Kong Institute of Chartered
Secretaries Annual Dinner 2015 (English only)

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