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Deposit Protection Appeals Tribunal

Deposit Protection Appeals Tribunal

The Deposit Protection Appeals Tribunal (DPAT) is established under Part 6 of the Deposit Protection Scheme Ordinance (DPSO) (Cap.581) to review, at the request of depositors or member banks of the Deposit Protection Scheme, certain decisions or assessments made by the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board or the Monetary Authority under the DPSO. Persons who are aggrieved by such decisions or assessments may apply to the DPAT for reviews in accordance with the relevant provisions of the DPSO.


Sittings of the DPAT will be convened only on a need basis. Inquiries can be referred to the DPAT Secretariat  

Deposit Protection Appeals Tribunal Secretariat
Room 702, Tower Two, Lippo Centre,
89 Queensway,
Hong Kong.

Telephone : 2912 8553
Fax : 2524 7097

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