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Free Trade Agreement Between Hong Kong, China and Chile

Hong Kong and Chile signed the Free Trade Agreement between Hong Kong, China and Chile ("HKC/CL FTA") on 7 September 2012. The HKC/CL FTA, which entered into force on 9 October 2014, encompasses trade in goods and services investment and other related areas, including government procurement. Chapter 9 of the HKC/CL FTA sets out Hong Kong, China's commitments on government procurement which are generally consistent with those under WTO GPA. It applies to procurements by government bureaux and departments of Hong Kong, China for contracts of a value of not less than –

  • 130,000 SDR for procurement of goods and services other than construction services*
  • 5,000,000 SDR for construction services

* “Services other than construction services” means those services specified under the heading "Services (other than construction services)" in Part C for Hong Kong, China in Annex 9.1 to Chapter 9 of the HKC/CL FTA.

Text of the Agreement