Efficiency Dividend
In FBCM 18/98, we indicated that should economic and budgetary conditions allow, an "efficiency dividend" would be distributed to Controlling Officers as recognition of the productivity gains they deliver in 1999-2000. This has proven to be an effective incentive!
Total productivity gains identified in 1999-2000 $ 818 million
The amount Star Chameber, upon FB's recommendation, agrees to set aside for "efficiency dividend"    say, $ 100 million 
Productivity gains of Department A in 1999-2000 $  50  million 
"Efficiency dividend" for Department A is:
$50 m / $818 m x $100 m, i.e.
$ 6.1 million
The above is for illustration only. We will only be able to confirm whether there are sufficient funds available for "efficiency dividend" after we have completed the baseline-plus exercise for 20000-01. But we will try very hard!

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