Time for some fun in the midst of EPP. We challenge you to complete the crossword puzzle below. The game is open to all, including the general public (except the EPP Newsletter editiorial board). Please fax or email the completed puzzle (either English or Chinese) to Finance Bureau at Fax No : 2801-4023 or c.c. mail (FB, General Office) or internet (info@ fb.gcn.gov.hk) Winners will be chosen by ballot.

The winners will be awarded :
one 1st prize : One copy of "1997 Prestige Annual Stamp Album" (being the 81st copyof a total of 500, containing real pre and post 97 stamps) Special edition!
one 2nd prize :  $300 cash coupon
one 3rd prize : $200 cash coupon
two 4th prize  :  Pewter plaque 
Closing date: 30 June 1999
Announcement date : in the 3rd issue of EPP Newsletter. Winners will be notified separately
(a) The total amount of productivity gains identified in 1999-2000. 
(b) How many phases does EPP have?
(c) The target percentage of EPP savings by year 2002-03.
(d) The occasion when the launch of EPP was first announced (the first word only).
(e) The abbreviation of a public organisation which, though technically not subject to 
      EPP, has been supportive of EPP initiative.

1. Which article in the Basic Law stipulates that HKSAR shall strive to achieve a fiscal 
2. The name of the dividend to be rewarded to departments, etc. for their contributions 
    to 1999-2000 EPP exercise.
3. The abbreviation of a programme implemented under public sector reform, the 
    target of which is to improve accountability and performance review.
4. One of the departments which operate on one-line vote in 1999-2000.
5. Financial flexibility given to five pilot departments in 1999-2000 (the first word only).
6. One of the areas currently subject to fundamental expenditure review

Most of the answers can be found in the inaugural and this issue of EPP Newsletter.

Please send the answers with your name, bureau/department/agency, etc(if applicable) and contact telephone number toinfo@ fb.gcn.gov.hk
To save time, paper, money and delivery efforts, only entries received by fax or email will be processed. 
Please do NOT send another hard copy by hand or by post.

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