In this 4th issue of the EPP Newsletter, the first published in the New Millennium, we have invited the Honourable Ronald ARCULLI, JP, Chairman of the Legislative Council's Finance Committee, Mr. Ricky FUNG, JP, Secretary General of the Legislative Counsel Secretariat and Mr. S.Y. TSUI, JP, the Director of Marine to share with us their views and experience about EPP. Such experience sharing underlines the purpose and objective of the EPP Newsletter. We look forward to more contributions from bureaux, departments, subvented organisations and members of the public in future.

After more than one year's implementation, we are pleased to report good progress made in achieving the short-term target of 5% baseline savings by 2002-03. Many bureaux, departments and subvented organisations, like the Marine Department, have spared no time in mapping out plans to achieve savings through enhanced productivity. It now appears that we will definitely over-achieve the 1% savings target for 2000-01. Details will be released when we publish the 2000-01 Draft Estimates of Expenditure on 3 March 2000.

As the economy revives, some may ask: are we going to continue with EPP? The answer is definitely yes. EPP is not just about short-term savings. It seeks to achieve lasting improvements in public service productivity. This process has just begun. Let's all work hard towards the ultimate goal.

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