So much for the serious side of saving money. On a lighter note, we have designed a game to challenge you on the knowledge of EPP.

Below are five statements purported to represent certain facts about EPP. They contain errors - often more than one. Check if you could spot them. Cross out the parts which are incorrect and mark above or next to or below them the correct answers. A sample is provided below.

The game is open to all, including members of the public (except the EPP Newspaper editorial board). Please fax or e-mail your answer (either English and Chinese) to Finance Bureau at Fax No.: 2801-4023 or GCN e-mail (FB, General Office) or via Internet e-mail (

Winners will be drawn by ballot.

  The winners will be awarded:
  one 1st prize : $500 cash coupon
  one 2nd prize : $300 cash coupon
  one 3rd prize : $200 cash coupon
  two 4th prizes : $100 cash coupon
Closing date : 30 April 2000
Announcement date : in the 5th issue of EPP Newsletter.
Winners will be notified individually.


The Chief Executive announced in his 1999 Policy Address that the Financial Secretary would lead an EPP to achieve a lasting improvement in civil service productivity.

Correct Answer :

The Chief Executive announced in his 1998 Policy Address that the Chief Secretary for Administration would lead an EPP to achieve a lasting improvement in civil service productivity.

1. In the Short-Term Phase of EPP, the target is to achieve savings in recurrent baseline expenditure of 1%, and 3% (on a cumulative basis) in the years 2000-01 and 2001-02. In the Mid-Term Phase, the target is to achieve a 5% cumulative savings by 2002-03.
2. The "Save & Invest Account" applies to "underspending" in all Departmental Expenses whether cash-limited or not.
3. Funds in the "Save and Invest Account" may be drawn by Controlling Officers to spend on one-off projects only. Such projects should be initiatives leading to productivity gains and is restricted to investment in IT only.
4. As the EPP savings returned to the centre are the fruits of the effort of the respective Controlling Officers, such Controlling Officers will have the first call on their own EPP savings in subsequent Resource Allocation Exercise.


Please send the answer with your name, Bureau/Department/Agency (if applicable) and contact telephone number toinfo@

Note :
in order to save paper, only entries submitted by fax or e-mail will be processed. Please do not send hard copies by post or by hand.

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