As reported in the EPP 2000-01 Booklet, seven bureaux/departments/agencies have either completed the 5% target in one go or are fairly close to 5%. You may wonder what would happen after the 5% target is attained. We encourage Controlling Officers to continue looking for greater productivity and efficiency. So, let us reiterate that any productivity savings achieved over and above the 5% will be retained by the relevant bureaux/departments/agencies. Controlling Officers will have the first call on their extra amounts of EPP savings and are free to redeploy these savings to improve existing services or introduce new services that are in line with their policy objectives. Bureau Secretaries who would like to redeploy these savings within their group of departments are encouraged to discuss and agree with the relevant Controlling Officers. We, of course, always welcome Controlling Officers to return their extra savings to the centre! These will be allocated by Star Chamber to priority areas.

Regardless how far you are from the 5% goal, we urge you to continue the EPP spirit: to do more, and do better, with less. The road to enhancing public sector productivity should never stop at 5%, as our EPP Logo is designed to mean (see EPP Newsletter Inaugural Issue)

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