As we are all aware of, the marriage registries of Immigration Department accept booking of appointments by the public for the giving of Marriage Notice provided that the booking is made not more than three months before the intended date of marriage. If an auspicious day happens to fall on a Sunday or a Saturday, the marrying parties will queue...........

Now thanks to the Save & Invest Account, the Immigration Department is now in a healthy financial position to fund the installation of an Interactive Voice Processing System to provide for advance booking of appointments for the giving of Marriage Notice. The proposed system will operate round-the-clock and will accept booking of appointments by telephone within 14 days prior to the commencement of the three-month period.

So starting middle of next year when the system is in place, we -


as a member of the general public, will no longer have to queue up days and nights outside the marriage registries;



as a member of the civil service, will serve the community better;


* as a member of Immigration Department, will not have to manage the queues but instead, spend more time on registration to enhance productivity!


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