The Scheme

The Voluntary Retirement (VR) Scheme is an one-off exercise which aims to enable existing civil servants of 59 designated grades where there is identified or anticipated staff surplus to retire voluntarily from the Civil Service with pension benefits and compensation. Staff in the specified grades may apply for voluntary retirement from 3 July to 3 October 2000. Processing of applications is expected to complete by December 2000. Successful applicants of the Scheme are expected to leave the service in 2001. The departure date of individual officer will be determined by the Heads of Department and/or Heads of Grade.

To Join or not to Join

The Scheme is strictly voluntary, with no pre-set quota. The compensation package is designed having regard to the principle that it is fair and attractive to staff and at the same time, cost-effective to the Government. Provided that the quality of public service will not be unduly affected, applications for VR would be approved having regard to funds available.

Retraining and assistance

It remains Government's policy to avoid forced redundancy as far as possible. The introduction of the VR Scheme will not be followed by forced redundancy. The Government will step up retraining and other related assistance and, if necessary, arrange redeployment for those who choose to stay in the service. A Staff Resource Centre has been established in the CSTDI to provide assistance to staff.


Staff may direct their enquiries on the Scheme to the responsible officers or departmental secretaries of their department. Staff may also visit the Staff Resource Centre in the Civil Service Training & Development Institute at the North Point Government Offices for information and related assistance on job transition.

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