Maintaining a high standard in the provision of public service has been an important part of EPP. While delivering the required productivity gains, bureaux, departments and subvented organizations have also made further improvement to their services. The award of more certificates under the internationally recognised ISO 9000 Qaulity Management System is the evidence of their achievement. It also indicates clearly their commitment to improving continuously services to the community.

Since the launch of the EPP in 1988, a total of 34 ISO 9000 certificates has been presented by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) to services units of various Government Departments.

At two recent presentation ceremonies , the Information Technology Services Department and the Government Supplies Department were presented with ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certificates..

In the case of the Government Supplies Department, two ISO 9002 certificates were awarded to its Procurement and General Divisions. During the process to raise the standard of performance in line with the requirements for accreditation, the department conducted a systematic review of all procedures to ensure that they maintain good quality standards which are fully documented , that staff receive regular training in their use and that there are effective control measures for detecting and correcting any deviations. Particular attention has been paid to an accurate delineation of staff responsibilities and to the maintenance of stringent safety procedures.

The HKQAA conducted a detailed review of its revised procedures and how they are put into practice before determining that the standards for accreditation had been met. Further visits by HKQAA staff at six-monthly intervals to ensure that the quality standard have been maintained and that further improvements have met changing circumstances.

As regards Information Technology Services Department , the ISO 9001 certificates was awarded to its Central Computer Centre (CCC) Helpdesk.

The CCC Helpdesk operates round-the-clock and provides support for the various services of the ITSD. It also serves as a central agent monitoring the smooth running of the Government Backbone Network connecting all bureaux and departments.

The award of ISO Accreditation to these services units is a tribute to the teamwork, enthusiasm and hard work of their staff members.

ISO 9000 quality management standards were first published by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) in 1987. The system sets out to establish document and maintain an effective and economic quality system which demonstrate a commitment to quality and ability to satisfy customers' quality needs. It helps improve management control and efficiency, motivate continuous improvements, provides foundation for total quality management and increase customer satisfaction.

A total of 58 certificates has been awarded to Government departments since the inception of the system.

HKQAA Chief Executive Mr. Howie Ng & Director of Government Supplies Mr. Nigel Shipman HKQAA Chairman Dr. T. L. Ng & Dircetor of Informantion Technology Services Mr. Lau Kam-hung


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