Controlling officer of GSD delivery teams tracking the positions of his vehicles at the computer terminal

GSD delivery team driver said the new system would help improve communications between his team and the controller

A continued flow of navigational signals from satellites has provided strong support for the Government Supplies Department (GSD) in its drive for enhancing productivity of its delivery teams.

With the installation of the new computerized vehicle tracking system, the accurate positioning of the 17 GSD delivery vehicles will be displayed on a digital map on a computer monitor in the control centre.

Based on the information of his working vehicles in real time, the delivery team controller will be able to make adjustment on deployment in a more effective manner.

The Director of Government Supplies, Mr. Nigel Shipman said that the new system would enable flexible deployment of the vehicle fleet, better communications between the control centre and the delivery teams.

"It will also enable GSD to achieve more effective management of the vehicle fleet with minimum supervision and to respond promptly to customer needs.

"In short, the system will contribute much to the Enhance Productivity Programme," he added.

Mr. Shipman also pointed out that the introduction of the new system was the fruit of the cumulative effort of staff at all levels in particular those in the vehicle fleet and the delivery teams.

He believed that members of the delivery fleet would continue to make good use of the system to improve working procedures and achieve higher standard of performance.


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