As reported in the EPP Booklet 2001-02, we allow bureaux, departments and subvented organisations to set their own pace in meeting the 5% cumulative savings target by 2002-03. As it turns out, 42 of these bodies (or over 40%) have over-achieved the cumulative 3% target savings by 2001-02. Of these 42 bodies, 16 have achieved their overall 5% target savings and six are fairly close to it.

The road to enhancing public sector productivity should not stop at 5%. EPP is not just about short-term savings. It seeks to induce a paradigm shift, which encourages Controlling Officers to continue striving for greater efficiency and productivity, and continue with the EPP spirit so as to achieve lasting improvements in public service. Enhancing public sector productivity is our pledge to the community. We will not allow complacency to creep in. With the management culture changing and experience growing, the public sector is set to become yet more enterprising. Looking ahead, we will continue to be committed to improving the management and operation of the public sector, and find new ways such as through private sector participation and outsourcing, to deliver quality service to the community in a more flexible and cost-effective manner.

A successful paradigm shift hinges on collaborative efforts. We welcome your views on the way forward to enhance public sector productivity and the next step to take forward. Please let us have a short article (about 100 to 500 words), with your name, post and department.



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