Do you find your friends talking about the questions and answers in the recent hot television programme? Here we have 10 questions about EPP. You can explore all sorts of help : ask yourself, ask your friends, look up reference materials... If you have the correct answers, you have a chance to win, not a million but hundred-dollar cash coupons. Choose the right answers and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

  One 1st prize :HK$500 Cash Coupon
  One 2nd prize :HK$300 Cash Coupon
  One 3rd prize :HK$200 Cash Coupon
  Two 4th prize :HK$100 Cash Coupon each


This game is open to all (except the EPP Newsletter Editorial Board). The closing date for submission is 15 September 2001 and the results will be announced in the 9th issue of EPP Newsletter. All winners will be drawn by ballot and notified individually.

1. The Chief Executive announced in his _____ Policy Address the launch of the Enhanced Productivity Programme (EPP).
(c)1999 (d)2000
2. The objective of EPP is to ____________________.
(a) attain the lowest costs and keep a lean and fit civil service.
(b) reduce the civil service establishment and maintain the high morale of civil servants.
(c) increase the level of input and achieve the highest output.
(d) achieve the best value-for-money and maintain and improve the quality of public services.
3. Ahead of the implementation of EPP, in 1999-2000, government bureaux, departments and subvented organisations had already delivered total productivity gains of $_____ million.
(b)5.32 (c)7.85 (d)8.18
4. The target of EPP is to achieve _____% cumulative savings in the Government's baseline operating expenditure progressively over a 3-year period, from 2000-01 to 2002-03.
(b)3 (c)5 (d)7
5. So far, since the start of the EPP, we have delivered savings of $_____ billion.
(b)3.3 (c)3.2 (d)3.1
6. The above savings account for _____% of operating expenditure.
(b)3.3 (c)3.2 (d)3.1
7. Up to 2001-02, which of the following departments has achieved the overall target of 5% cumulative EPP savings?
(a) Registration and Electoral Office
(b) Territory Development Department
(c) Management Services Agency
(d) Information Technology Services Department
8. Up to 2001-02, which of the following organisations has over-achieved the 3% cumulative savings target ?
(a) Planning Department
(b) Office of The Ombudsman
(c) Department of Health
(d) Information Technology Services Department
9. So far, ____ bureaux and departments operate on a "one-line vote" basis.
(b)16 (c)17 (d)21
10. The "Save & Invest Account" is an administrative arrangement which facilitates Controlling Officers to save up ________ and invest in productivity measures.
(a) both cash-limited and non-cash limited unspent funds
(b) non-cash limited unspent funds
(c) part of non-cash limited unspent PE
(d) part of cash-limited DE unspent funds
Please fax your answers with your name, Bureau/Department/Agency (if applicable) and contact telephone number to Finance Bureau at Fax no. 2801 4023 or via Internet e-mail (
Name : _____________________________________________________________
Bureau/Department/Agency (if applicable) : ________________________________
Daytime Contact Telephone No. : ________________________________________
  E-mail address (if available) : ____________________________________________
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